favorite songs

Water - Oingo Boingo
Wrapped in Grey - XTC
Good - Morphine
Cheryl Dodds is Pregnant - Toy Dolls
Some Kind of Love - Misfits
Booker - Harry Connick Jr
Kick in the Head - Dean Martin
I’m Mad - Reverend Horton Heat
Big Time Sensuality - Bjork
Bonzo Goes to Bitburg - Ramones
Silent Hedges - Bauhaus

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Before I start my list, I must say…Omniscientnot, we must get together sometime. :slight_smile:

“American Pie,” by Don McLean
Every freaking instrumental by the Allman Brothers, including “Mountain Jam.”
Everything Eric Clapton ever thought of, except his version of “I Shot the Sherriff”
Pretty much everything by Danny Gatton (my husband the guitar player turned me on to his genius)

I am a sucker for anything with good guitar work. B.B King, Buddy Guy, T-Bone Walker, Clapton, Hendrix, Dicky & Duane…oh my, I could go on forever…

Next Tuesday afternoon is open, Cristi :wink:

Off the top of my head:
The Change, Ireland, The Red Strokes - all 3 by Garth Brooks
Daddy’s Hands - Holly Dunn
The Greatest Man I Never Knew, She Thinks His Name was John(?) - both by Reba
I’m Alright - Jo Dee Messina
Wanting It and Having It All - Sawyer Brown
It’s All in Your Head - Diamond Rio
Feed Jake - I forget

I’ll probably add more.

Hole: Twenty Years in the Dakota
Hole: Old Age
R.E.M I Don’t Sleep, I Dream
Nirvana: Something in the Way
Bjork: Army of Me
Tori Amos: Chains
Doors: The End
Don McLean: American Pie
“Mother, Mother” Tracy Bonham
Anything by the eels

Anything by Sinatra.
Anything by Garth Brooks. ( I will not apologize either)
Old time Rock and Roll, Bob Segar
Stray Cat Strut - Stray Cats
Big Band Music
Irish fiddle music.
All Classical ( One in particular that goes " Bum bum bah da da bump bump… :slight_smile:
Not a moment too soon - Tim McGraw
Anything by the Judds and most of Wynonna’s stuff.

I will have to say that I do not know 1/10 of the bands/songs done in the 90s that anyone has listed here.

Sheryl Crow: Mississippi
Bruce Hornsby: Down With That (I think that’s the name; off “Spirit Trail”, disc 2)
Don McClean: Vincent (“Starry, starry night”)
Diana Krall: Peel Me a Grape
Kathleen Battle: Ave Maria
Ricky Martin: Por Abajo (can’t remember full name of song. First song on “Vuelve” album)
Andrews Sisters: Bie Mier Bisch Du Schein (horrible German spelling)
Anita Baker-anything by her
Christina Aguilero (??)-Genie in a Bottle
and, I hate to admit this one:
Limp Bizkit: Nookie. Couldn’t understand the attraction until I saw the video and heard the song the whole way through.

Right off the top of my head these come to mind:

“Pepper”- Butthole Surfers
“Riders on the Storm”- Doors
“Walking after Midnight”- Patsy Cline
“Labatomy”- Ramones (anyone remember the movie Rock n Roll Highschool?)
“Feed the Tree”- Belly
“Waking the Witch”- Kate Bush
and my all time favorite: “Ring of Fire”- I think Johnny Cash did this song originally and my favorite version is by Social Distortion, but I’ve also heard a Reggae version (strange, but cool) and a version by a woman (excellent, wish I new her name).

I like this thread because it’s interesting to see what people find appealing. Too numerous to name songs, wrote bands.

Frank Zappa, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus

Yma Sumac, Ella/Bessie/Billie/Sassy, Johnny Hartman, Nina Hagen

Slayer, Gorefest, Bad Brains, Unsane, Plasmatics

Toledo, Morphine, Love Jones, Fall-Outs (or anything on Estrus)

STStella, i think you mean Teenage Lobotomy

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

Bit eclectic aren’t we, Melanie?

Cristi: you bring the CDs, I’ll bring the player and…we’ll make beautiful music together :smiley:

You do realize I’ve been dying to say this all along, right? LOL

A partial list:

[ul][li]Depeche Mode- “Somebody” (easily the best love song I’ve ever heard), etc. []The Cure- “This Is A Lie”, etc. []Savage Garden- “Truly, Madly, Deeply”, etc. []Pink Floyd- “Learning to Fly”, etc. []The Beatles- “And I Love Her”, etc. []Metallica- “Unforgiven II”, etc. []The Offspring- “Self-Esteem” and a few others []Counting Crows- “Raining”, etc. []Goo-Goo Dolls- “Iris”, etc. []Dire Straits- “Money for Nothing” []Madonna- “La Isla Bonita”, etc. []ABBA- “The Winner Takes It All”, etc. []U2- “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, etc. []Foreigner- “That Was Yesterday”, etc. []Pat Benatar- “Love is a Battlefield”, etc. []Tom Petty- “Free-falling”, etc. []?- “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?” ?- “You’re Like the Wind” (let me know if you know what I’m talking about with these two)[/ul][/li]

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Ryan: Perhaps Prism in the first case and Robson and Jerome in the second?

How can I think of any other song now that Santana’s “Smooth” is constantly playing in the back of my mind??

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Off the top of my head: HAIR.


Rosalita – Bruce Springsteen
Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meatloaf
The Intro and the Outro – Bonzo Dog Band
Monster Mash – Bonzo Dog Band version
(Oh, heck – any song by the Bonzo Dog Band)
Rhapsody in Blue – Gershwin
Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who
Anything Goes – Cole Porter
Rocky Mountain Way – Joe Walsh
Nothing to Hide – Spirit (or anything from the Dr. Sardonicus album).
Any song written by Harry Warren
Good Times Bad Times – Led Zeppelin
A Whiter Shade of Pale – Procol Harum
Abbey Road Medley – Beatles
Sympathy for the Devil – Rolling Stones
Cool for Cats – Squeeze
Statesboro Blues – Allmen Brothers

I should stop now. I can go on forever.

I find it interesting that the question is asked about a “favorite song,” and everyone responds not just with song titles, but the artist who sings them.

There was a time when it didn’t matter who performed the song, but the song stood on its own. Of course, there are classic performances of a song, but if a song is a classic, most anyone should be able to record it, and interpret it.

For me, when I think of “favorite song,” I think of things that have endured because the songs themselves are works of art, great poems or wonderfully crafted lyrics combined with a beautiful melody and harmonic flow.

There are sacred standards that have endured: Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, and some enduring sacred choruses that are simple, yet convey an eternal message.

There are classic standards of the american musical theater and jazz that have endured: some of my favorites include “My Heart Stood Still,” “All the Things You Are,” “My Romance,” etc.

A “song” should be something that I can perform and interpret myself. It should be more than a vicarious experience. And, IMHO, it should stand on its own, without concern about who performs it.

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Off the top of my head:
"Just my Imagination (Running Away With Me) – the Temptations
“My Favorite Things” – John Coltrane Quartet
“Waiting for a Star to Fall” – Boy Meets Girl
“Men and Women” – Uncle Bonzai
“Beginnings” – Chicago
Just about anything by Jimi Hendix, the Allman Brothers and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Here’s my list, with artists too. These are in categories.


-Wishing on a Star - Rose Royce
-Seasons Change - Expose
-Let Me Be The One - Expose
-Take Me In Your Arms - Lil’ Suzy
-Where does that leave love - George Lamond
-I Wanna Get Next To You - Rose Royce
-I’m Goin Down - Rose Royce
-Purple Rain - Prince
-Always and Forever - Heatwave
-Out On A Limb - Teena Marie
-Love You Down - Ready For The World
-Love On A Two Way Street - Stacy Lattisaw
-Love will never do - Janet Jackson
-That’s the way love goes - Janet Jackson

Songs that put me in that special mood:

-Entra Mi Casa - Armand Van Helden
-Body - Funky Green Dogs
-Skin - Charlotte
-How Can We Be Wrong? - Trinere

That’s just a few of the many favorite songs i have.

Sorry Omniscientnot…been away from this thread for a couple of days. My husband says I can meet you, if he can come along, and bring his vinyl. And Tuesday is fine. :slight_smile:

Back to songs:
Favorite John Lennon song :Don’t Let me Down. When it came out, I didn’t like it much.Get Back was OK back then.
From the Let it Be sessions, the Billie Preston backed songs are my favorites. I’ve even come to like them better than Abbey Road.