FBI Search and Seizure at Trump's Mar-A-Lago Residence (08-08-22)

It seems like a reasonable suspicion to me, but would the typical judge see it that way? Can the FBI get a warrant based on “it fits Trump’s modus operandi to have copies of these documents in his other residences” without physical or eyewitness evidence?

True, but narcissism is very common among leaders, and yet, somehow most of them manage to expand their definition of “self” at least to “people under my control”. Trump can’t do that. Maybe he’s just too small-minded and unimaginative to manage, but whatever it is, it makes him very different from most politicians, including the evil ones.

I wonder if the FBI has given any thought to interviewing cleaning staff from Trump’s other residences…

Waiting for the Twuth, where Trump says - “I declassified the 4th amendment. And besides the FBI planted it in my house!”

Not to the IMHO pathological level that trump exhibits it (as you pretty much said).

I literally guffawed.

The disgraced ex-President called into what appears to be a infomercial and claimed that the FBI was actually searching for… get this…

Hillary’s emails

This is some amazing, ‘throw up your hands in the air in despair’ material for many, including… by the expression on her face… the host.

I agree that’s certainly not enough for a warrant. I’m just thinking that the FBI/DOJ would likely be considering whether there are other documents in those other two residences:

[three periods deleted from Euphonious-Polemic’s quotation to satisfy the Discourse gods]

He had them the whole time and didn’t LOCK HER UP? What a magnanimous guy! :rofl:

Yup, that is the go to play for the hard-right MAGA crowd. DOJ/FBI was trying to reclaim documents that prove the “Russia Hoax” was created by Clinton and/or Obama. They firmly believe that evidence of this exists and that the FBI has been covering it up for a long time.

Wendy Bell (the host) is all-in on his story, agreeing with him completely. She’s all-in on this. What looks like eye-rolls I read her as saying “yup, that is probably right” - she says “you’ve got the goods”, “right on”. Now it’s obviously an act - nobody is that stupid - but she does it as well as can be expected I suppose. How they don’t break character and laugh at him is amazing.

What has never been made clear is why, if he has these documents and he declassified them, Trump has never released them…

It’s also pretty amazing that the former POTUS, leader of the free world, darling of Fox News, is now relegated to calling into Wendy Bell Radio

He does sound like the crazy old uncle at the coffee chit-chat.

Trump is part of the deep state!

They [FBI] were looking for the real Lincoln killer; Booth was set up.

Every one of the leaders of the Deep State was a Trump appointee. Makes sense to me.

More like the Derp State.

I’m kind of surprised that Trump hasn’t officially declared himself a candidate if he thinks that might shield himself from prosecution. He must not believe so. I think the Republicans want him to wait until after the midterms, so he won’t fuck those up, but he’d throw the whole party under the bus to save his hide.

And citizens of liberal democracies around the world are saying « my president / prime minister may have their faults, but at least … »

Never heard of Wendy Bell but it is amazing this is where Trump has to go. No one respectable, nor even “supposed to be respectable” (Fox), will talk to him.

I like that term and will start using it. It harkens back to Edith Ann’s “And that’s the Twuth BLLLPT!” which has nice similarities to the current twuther (theoretical adult in chair that his too big for them behaving liKe a 5 1/2 year old).

I don’t think it’s an act:

In September 2020, Bell was taken off the air from her radio host position at KDKA Radio following comments she made on-air advocating for park rangers to shoot protesters while talking about demonstrators protesting Mt. Rushmore in summer 2020.

She sounds nice.

Well he certainly wouldn’t do that for FREE