Feel Good Friday: When I Was A Little Kid I Used To Love To Wear . . .

I had a Lee© brand shirt that I loved when I was in the 7th-8th grade. It was light blue and tan checks and had a v-shaped ruffle from the shoulders to mid-chest. I wore it in my high school picture.

I didn’t have a lot of brand name clothing back then - anything I did have was a hand me down from someone. So when I could match my Lee brand shirt with a hand-me-down pair of Gloria Vanderbilts - I felt pretty stylin’.

When I was in 3rd or 4th grade I had a pair of suede-style shoes I loved to wear because when I was bored, I could brush my fingers over it one way and it was a dark brown - or the other way and it was light brown. I used to try to brush patterns in to the suede until my teacher yelled at me for not paying attention in class.

The year I turned 8 (1969), one of my older sisters had an, errr, ‘emergency wedding’. She turned 17 the day before she got married.

My aunt made me a dress for the occasion. Maxi-dresses were very much in vogue then, and that’s what she made me. A chocolate-brown, ankle-length dress with a tiny floral print all over it. I felt so pretty in it. Yeah, I was a girly-girl.

It’s funny to me that women mostly remember clothes, while men mostly remember cool costumes.

Remember Quisp and Quake cereals? I had a Quisp propeller hat, and my brother had a Quake miner’s helmet.

Coolest. Kids. EVAR.

There are two things that come to mind. My Davy Crockett costume was one. I also had a kid’s version of a telephone lineman’s belt. It was too small to get around a telephone pole, though.

Rubber boots!

They’re awesome! You can walk through anything and still have dry feet. Until you start to sweat. :smiley: Don’t think I wore anything else on my feet from 6 to 11 unless someone made me.

I am loving these stories, definitely brought a smile to my face.

I had a lion costume which I adored, and would sometimes just put on and wear around the house. There’s a photo of tiny me where I’m in my lion outfit and wearing three different headbands, sitting in a basket. No, I don’t know either.

I had a favorite dress with horses printed on the front which I wore as often as possible. At age three or so I spent a few days in the hospital due to severe dehydration. Which of course also meant I got to be queen for those few days. In addition to getting to drink out of my beloved bottle again (I had already graduated to sippy-cups) I was allowed to wear my ‘pony dress’ every day, meaning one parent had to go home with the dress in the evening, wash it, and bring it back so I could wear it the next morning. What a spoiled kid I was!

When I was aout 4, my Grandpa bought me a pair of red and black cowgirl boots. REAL LEATHER!! Oh, how I loved those boots! Wore them everywhere.

I also used a towel for a costume- as a cape, I became Robin (Batman’s sidekick), but more often, I tucked it in the waistand of my pants and it became a horse tail! I loved pretending that I was a horse, usually a wild palomino mare!

Dresses! Skirts! In kindergarten and first grade, I simply couldn’t bear to wear pants, especially jeans. My mom picked out a dress for me every day until about second grade or so, when I started wearing pants. Then from about third grade on, I started despising skirts and refused to wear them. I mostly hated them because I always–ALWAYS–had gym class on picture day (we alternated gym and music classes every other day), when I had to wear dresses. Playing kickball in a dress? Not so cool.

Now I’m still rather hesitant to wear skirts, if just because I’m more comfortable in pants. I also tend to sit like a dude (with my legs splayed out), which makes wearing skirts a bit…um…unwise.

My cousin and I were in first grade during the American bicentennial year, and we were in some kind of school pageant illustrating the nation’s history. Grandmother made our costumes: old-fashioned dresses and bonnets for both of us. April’s was white with pink flowers, and mine was blue and white checked gingham. Long after the pageant, we played Little House on the Prairie in those costumes. Or just wore them for the sheer joy of spinning 'round and 'round to bell out the long, full skirts. (The bonnet was less of a novelty to me, because it was almost identical to the ones my other grandmother and great-grandmother made me wear for sun protection. But at least the blue one had a pretty ruffle sewn onto the brim.)

And I still have (and occasionally wear) my favorite sweater from eighth grade, and my all-time favorite jeans, which I got from my older brother when they were too short for him. After 25 years, the jeans are still the best-fitting I’ve ever owned, and they make my butt look amazing!

I had a dark gold dress with a small paisley print. It had a v-shaped white pintucked bodice with lace around it, and a tiny black velvet bow. It doesn’t sound good when I describe it but it was gorgeous. I wore it for my second-grade picture.

Every Easter, I got a new outfit to wear to church! Even better: a new hat, purse, and patent leather shoes! (boy, does that give away my age, or what?) When I was about 12, I had a pale gray suit - skirt and little peplum jacket, with a pink blouse and a gorgeous pink silk rose on the lapel. Black patent leather shoes and purse. I felt SO stylish and grown up. (That was the year I actually became aware of fashion. Previously I wore whatever my mom bought for me, including shoes with ankle socks!)…My daughter had a basket of ‘dress-up’ clothes culled from thrift stores - silver lame, gaudy lingerie, old dance recital costumes, loads of costume jewelry, belts,shawls, and scarves.

I was born in 1980, and developed quite an obsession with Miami Vice thanks to my brothers. I had my “Donna Johnson” outfit that I loved to wear … it was just a white T-shirt with a turquoise colored fish on it with matching turquoise pants, but by God I thought I was hot shit!

When I was really little it was all hand-me-downs and stuff, I wasn’t into clothes.

But when I was 7, the family went on a trip to Disney World. Apparently everyone had been saving a while to go on said trip. Somehow, part of the plan also involved me going to the mall with my aunt and buying clothes for the trip. I remember buying a lot of “coordinates” in solid colors with white stripes. You know - green shorts, blue shorts, red shorts. White tank top. Green/blue/red striped blouse to go over. Summer clothes!

I also remember the blue leggings with foot straps, oversized shirt with a panda cartoon, and big pink beaded necklace. I was so stylin!

I was three, I think, and I refused to take off my Cookie Monster shirt. It rocked my three-year-old world.

When I was five, we went to California and I got my hair braided. I got back to the house we were staying at, immediately put on my bathing suit, and sexily (more like an awkward stomp) walked to the front room and announced, “LOOK! I’M A TEN!” Looking back, not my finest moment Bo Derrick moment.

When I was nine, I insisted I dress as Walter Payton for Halloween. Girls aren’t usually football players for Halloween. White girls don’t usually put on afro wigs and try to pull of Sweetness. I did it with as much style and grace as WP himself. He would have been proud.

There are pictures proving all three of these outfits. I see a slide show in my future…

I had a bunch of things I loved to wear as a kid! Here are a few.

  • My mom’s old leather motorcycle jacket, which was and still is badass. I wore it for years. When I say years, I mean around 20 years. I still have it. It is around 50 years old now. The lining is all ripping, sadly, but the leather looks fine!

  • An acid wash denim jacket. Heck yes.

  • These black pants that came down just past my knees, and were tight but not too tight. They had a row of checkers down each side. I loved to wear them with either of the above jackets and…

  • My red high-top Chucks. They weren’t real Converse Chuck Taylors, they were knockoffs, but I didn’t care!

This would have been around 1989-1992, so about age 9 - 12 for me.