feeling disempowered

Couple of thoughts:

  1. Be empowered as Landmark suggests and do whatever you want with respect to Landmark. No need for guilt or any involvement beyond what you feel like giving.

  2. As we New Agers say, “Keep what resonates.” There is probably some useful stuff in there (I haven’t done it), but you don’t have to buy into the worldview.

  3. Distinguish the seminar high from the actual value provided. What do I mean by that? People can become seminar junkies because of the following:

• Motivational speakers speak in hopeful terms and make us feel good.

• Going through a series of activities like that is really powerful, pretty much no matter what the activities are. It’s an intense, positive series of social interactions that feed our need for contact and connection with others.

• Taking in new ideas and trying them out is stimulating, even if it’s hard to stick to them over the long term. The change is energizing, even if it’s ultimately empty calories.

So… is Landmark and the self-help industry overall a scam? I think it’s kind of like anything else: the incentive is to sell it to the max, and that can easily pervert the original intentions and value something offers.

The other problem is that the incentive is to sell some sort of “secret sauce” that will make a big difference in someone’s life quickly. This is not just the fault of the self-help industry but of human nature itself. Self-development is quite difficult, so people naturally look for shortcuts. Self-help ends up being largely about shortcuts, since that’s mostly what people are willing to buy.


I thought that it could help feel empowered and help me get over my feelings of regret over entering a certain profession.

The oldest profession?!

Lol, no, pharmacy

That’s supposed to be a pretty good job, tho!

I get breakdowns everyday at the job

“Breakdowns” is Landmark-Inspeak, and we didn’t take the course. What do you mean, exactly?

Flashbacks, I have PTSD. I try to meditate at night to prevent them from coming in the morning. It can help when I do the practice. I know I need to be more disciplined. When I come back home I get too comfortable and therefore don’t feel the need to do it.

Get the hell away from those volunteer “trainers” whose sole qualification is that they took the course a month before you and got a free team shirt, right now. If you are going to spend money on help, spend it on real help from trained professionals-medical/psychological professionals that know what they are doing. If it is possible to get any sort of partial refund, I would suggest doing so. If not, consider it a life lesson…but go get yourself some real help, please.

That sucks, man. Here’s a website by a guy who has gone through PTSD:

Yeah, get some therapy for that. Meds might be a resource for the short or long term. Well, you’re a pharmacist, you know. But you don’t have to suffer in silence.

Regardless of its other potential merits, self-empowerment training isn’t designed to help overcome specific problems like that.

Empowerment comes from doing whatever the fuck you feel is best for you, regardless of what some other dipshit “wants”.

I’m pretty sure Landmark made them pay for those shirts. :smiley:

[quote=“Aeschines, post:21, topic:746262”]

Couple of thoughts:
• Going through a series of activities like that is really powerful, pretty much no matter what the activities are. It’s an intense, positive series of social interactions that feed our need for contact and connection with others.
Yes, I have to admit I did have a very powerful conversation with one of the coaches. I believe that it probably was more of an emotional high vs. actual value as there was maybe some sense of idealization on my part after that conversation. I felt let down after an unfufilled expectation of acknowledgement… recognination at the last class…very sad to say and admit…

Are you still in the profession you regret being in?

If not, then what’s the problem?

If so, why are you still there? What are you doing to get out of this situation?

If you’re having “breakdowns” every day, either you are in the wrong profession or you’re in need of therapy–pharmaceutical and/or talk. I’ve never heard of this Landmark business, but it sounds like a big scam to me.

What a Landmark session is like, and a lot of back-and-forth from various parties about Landmark Worldwide.

I’ve taken Dale Carnegie but I know nothing of Landmark. In general terms you get out of most attitudinal training and motivational courses what a not so faithful church goer gets out of a fire and brimstone Jubilee sermon. A little kick in the pants (sometimes useful) that fades quickly. If you are serious about applying interaction lessons most of these course teach you can become more assertive and less fearful but you have to work at it personally and professionally. And if you are not naturally an assertive personality it’s a tough slog.

The real truth? In the end for average folks professional success is mostly about discipline and focus and building on a base and being reasonably assertive about what you want and having specific, measurable goals and getting the shitwork done every day that is required to achieve them. It’s not glamorous and it’s boring and tiring and you often have to go way deep into your discomfort zones, but for average people there is no easy way out. It’s work and if you are an emotionally exhausted, depressed, fragile type of person it’s double tough.

Thank you all so much, really greatly appreciate it… I have so much more insight now…my vision is much more clearer…I am now able to look from the outside…I am glad that I spoke up before I got so deep into it.
@monstro I am still in the profession but I am trying to pursue a writing career.