Feminine Facial Stubble

Mention that you didn’t know that there was a carnival in town and then caress her cheek . . . then run for your life.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow death I take a look at my life and realize there’s not much left . . .

If they have stubble, then this isn’t a case of just wispy facial hair growing, it’s because they have shaved recently or done some sort of depilatory procedure. No need to say anything, as they will get back to it when they want to.

I imagine many people don’t want to go to the electrologist and have someone breathing COVID directly onto their unmasked face these last few years.

Maybe it was here but someone gave me a good rule of thumb I follow today about when and when not to mention things to other people. If it is something they can fix quickly (the next 30 seconds), then do say something. Otherwise, say nothing.

For example - “You have spinach on your teeth” is good but “Your teeth are horrifically yellow” is not.

Has your workplace relaxed it’s mask mandate?

I’ve gotten a little lazy wrt epilation under the facemask. I’m not putting concealer on problem spots either. :scream_cat: