Fill in the blanks!!!

I give you 5 steps relating something to something else, and leave the middle ones blank. You have to fill them in. It works like my corrupt wish game. You fill in the middle of the last person, then give more ends. Try to actually make there be answers so it is not impossible.


                  *Santa Claus*  is often one of your parents like *blank* who is involved in many jokes like *Blank* who used to be president like *blank* who appeared on The Simpsons, like *Tony Hawk*.

Answers: Yo mama, Bill clinton, George Bush Sr.

Gamecube is a Video Game Console, like blank, which is made by Microsoft, like blank, which hardly anyone uses, like blank, which often involve NO fat, like most female pop stars.

Um, I don’t think you get it, viki. You have to make one of those chains too (leave the three in the middle blank)