Films with average gunmen

Oh, I’d say Samuel L. Jackson managed to hit a few people. Besides, Bruce Willis was using a submachine gun at a range of 3 feet. Hard to miss, really.

I really don’t mean to be a spoil-sport nor to take away from the fun of the thread, but if you go back to the B Westerns and TV Westerns from the 30’s-50’s (at least, maybe even more recently, too) it was rare to find anyboidy in the cast except the hero who could hit anything. They shot up a lot of smoky powder from guns that would hold unlimited ammo and rarely if ever hit anything.

In almost every showdown, only one of them could shoot. Guess which.

The only genre where you find real marksmen are the sniper movies. Tom Berenger for sure. These guys can tear the wings off gnats at 500 yards.

Which movie is that has one of the heroes (somebody like Quigley) waiting until the bad guy is about to top a rise maybe a mile away then shoots him out of the saddle and bitches, “I was aiming at the horse.”?

Gunplay in most movies is about noise.

That would be Robert Vaughn in The Magnificent Seven.

Or was it Coburn? I know Coburn was way past mean with a knife. Now I have to make a point of seeing this again. One of the better movies.

I sit corrected. It was Coburn. He had that “disgusted with himself” expression when he said it that was classic.

Shit! I was about to post that you were right about Vaughn. I guess we both need the reviewing, huh?

Have you seen Seven Samurai (I can’t ever remember its IMDB title) where Coburn’s counterpart is Mr. Slice and Dice? I gather the M7 cast must have seen the Kurosawa flic before they settled on their own portrayals, and if so, Coburn seems to have been most faithful to his. At least the other guys marvel at his cool the way the other movie’s guys do.

Isn’t Vaughn the sole survivor?

Nope. He dies in the final battle. Chris, Vin and Chico all survive. The young kid stays with the village as Chris and Vin ride away.

I have The Seven Samurai on DVD. Time I watched it again.

Chico: Ah, that was the greatest shot I’ve ever seen.
Britt: The worst! I was aiming at the horse.

I admit my question about surviving was ambiguous. I meant the M7 actors.

Of the actors…I believe you’re right. :smiley:

Among John Wayne films, El Dorado comes to mind. The Duke’s character gives James Caan’s character a sawed off shotgun because he was such a terrible shot.

In comedies, a couple come to mind (all dentists interesting to note) Shakiest Gun in the West with Don Knotts and Paleface and Son of Paleface with Bob Hope.

from *The Shootist *
(John Wayne as John Bernard Books and Ron Howard as Gillom Rogers)

I had to go to IMDB to find Caan’s character’s name (other than “Mississippi”) because in my foggy memory it’s Albert Payson Terhune who wrote (among other things) the first book I can remember reading: Lad, A Dog. Maybe I even have that fused with Trevanian. Not that it matters.

I always had the feeling that Rio Bravo and El Dorado were basically the same movie with two different drunks.

Pretty much, except apparently Ricky Nelson (Colorado) could shoot well and James Caan (Mississippi) couldn’t. Probably had something to do with the states’ names.

Another title that might be mentioned could be the Jimmy Breslin book and film based on it,* The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight*.

And hence not “average,” per the op.