FIL's Cat: Why is he doing this, and how do we stop him?


Along with at least 12 magnetrons (out of old microwave ovens); you don’t dare discuss getting rid of a microwave in front of him, lest he volunteer to take the damned thing! :smack:

  1. Make sure the litterbox is clean. Clean it out every day and add a fresh layer of litter on top each time.

  2. Diet - is kitty eating dry food? Then he may not be getting enough water to keep the stools motile. Change the water dish daily. If kitty is fed canned (wet) food, then stir in a little bit of water in each meal.

  3. Kidneys - is kitty elderly (over ten years old)? Go to the vets for a blood test to check BUN and creatinine levels, plus a urinalysis to check for proteins in the urine and a specific gravity test to see if the urine is not concentrated. If tests show kitty has decreased kidney function, then he may be chronically dehydrated which would cause constipation.

  4. Constipation - can be caused by dehydration (#3 above) or lack of enough roughage in the diet. Some psyllium added to the food will help with motility. Kitty may also have developed a case of megacolon which would make constipation more likely. A vet check would rule this out.

  5. Long or medium haired cats - how long is kitty’s hair? Stools may be getting stuck in the hairs around his anus which makes for really uncomfortable defecation. Shave the hairs around kitty’s butt to prevent this from happening.

  6. Worms - has kitty gotten a stool sample checked at the vet for worms? Tapeworms are contracted from fleas that kitty swallows when grooming himself. This may cause uncomfortable bowel movements.

  7. GI bleeds - does kitty have darkened stools? This may indicated a gastrointestinal bleed anywhere between the stomach and the colon. If so, a trip to the vets is necessary to rule out some of the more serious causes.
    Kitty is NOT doing this intentionally! It could be something as simple as stress (which many posters above allude to), or of something much more serious which is only coincidental to your FIL being away. I would err on the side of caution and bring kitty to the vets to rule out anything serious happening with kitty.