Financial armageddon vs. election: priorities and confidence

Wouldn’t a bunch of “we’re not dead yet” mailings and “meet your new bank, the same as the old bank” mailings account for that? I’m expecting a big hunking mailing from Merrill Lynch any moment now.

But the credit market is seizing up.

Not that kind - we’re talking business cards and stationery. A plethora of them.

I used to work for AT&T, and every time my center changed names and logos, I needed new cards. I’m glad your profiting from this, at least.

Is it? Given all the problems the House is STILL giving the plan, isn’t it possible that gridlock from both Democrats and Republicans (not to mention the election year maneuvering) will keep the government from doing ANYTHING about this, and that they could just yell and scream while everything collapses around them? I have my doubts, but I wouldn’t put it past them. (Thus my OP question about how seriously they’re taking this.)