Fireworks Mayhem 2024

Let’s see …

    Late at night? Check.
    Driving stupid fast? Check.
    Drives off side of dry road into a passing tree? Check.
    Bursts into flames? Check
    Car full of fireworks? Check.
I’ll take “His BAC” for $200 Alex. “What is 0.18?” Ding Ding Ding!! “That is correct. Play again.”

And because he killed himself we can wrap up with

    Darwin Award Contender? Checkety-check check!

As with the guy upthread in SC who really did asplode his head, it sucks greatly to be his family, but I really have a hard time mustering much concern for the decedents themselves.

I can’t think of a dumber way to die, off the top of my head.

I happen to like fireworks but I think it’s safe to say building your own is a bad idea.

Guys like that just blow my mind.

This is a few years old but seems on topic.

# Lawsuit: Defendant Breached a Duty Not to Shoot Bottle Rockets Out of His Anus

Nice photo caption in that article.

Bottle rocket (standard launch)

Not the livestock…