Flying Saucer Rock'N'Roll - Indie Films

One night, it was getting really late, and I was absently clicking the channels, past every infomercial and evangelist that was on when I landed on PBS. Here in Boston, probably elsewhere too, they do an independant film spotlight on Sunday nights. I think the term spotlight might be exaggerating a bit…its on at midnight or later. Several times this has been able to hold my attention, regardless of having school the next day. Perhaps the best one I’ve seen was “Flying Saucer Rock’N’Roll.” This short film had me laughing hysterically, and let me tell you, it sounds alot louder that late at night. The plot was that of a standard black and white teen movie of the '50s, including rock music, poodle skirts, and cheap, campy space monsters trying to take over the Earth. The twist was, however, that it was set in rural Scotland, and everyone spoke American '50’s jive with thick Scottish accents ("Och! Ye a square caat, what a draaag, maaan.) I do believe there was also a drag race invloving a tractor. I’d pay to see this again, but I doubt if I ever will. This got me wondering about how many other great independant short/long films are out there. Has anyone seen anything they feel should be brought up?


Damn! And I MISSED it! I’d give my ri… left arm to see that! I LOVE the old (cheaply made) 1950s teenagers-and-hokey-monsters-from-space movies!

Was it a “serious” movie or was it made precisely because the basic premise (already ludicrous) was even more entertaining when set in Scotland?

My personal fave for low-budget films has got to be “Dark Star”. My favorite character is the hapless Sgt Pinback.

For short subjects it’s a tossup between “Hardware Wars” and “Bambi Meets Godzilla”.