Food service workers wearing gloves - evidence of benefit?

I like the cut of your jib!

Can you recommend me some further reading about this angle on folk beliefs?

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I totally suspended my critical thinking about actual donut shop procedure and saw it as you called it.

And the way you called it was true, a propos and hilarious!!!

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My food-handler refresher course is on Thursday. I don’t think I’ll mention this thread.

Ask them after the test. They may know the answer.

I wouldn’t say that working with gloves is either easier or more comfortable: my hands will sweat like nobody’s business in the gloves. Also, I have tiny hands, and in most of the labs where I’ve worked, getting them to buy S was an uphill battle. There were some where they’d buy set amounts of boxes and wouldn’t buy Ss until everything else had run out. Handling slides with L gloves on your S hands doesn’t work well. I’ve heard similar complaints in supermarkets, including seeing a butcher buy her own gloves (from the supermarket itself) saying “at least here we carry these and I can buy them, most other places I’d be SOL once the boxes ran out”. Since she was getting a couple of packs and not a big box, I imagine she didn’t intend to change them every time.

But for a manager, it’s easier to implement “food handlers must wear gloves at all times” (just walk around and see whether they are or are not) than something like “food handlers must change their gloves/wash their hands after handling anything - and yes, that means several hundred times a day”. It’s like presentism, where being at work is what’s valued, not working.

As Nava says, working with gloves isn’t necessarily easy or comfortable. My hands also sweat, and they need to be perfectly dry to get new gloves on. Even then, the cheap ones we get sometimes tear or burst between the fingers if you try moving your hands.

needscoffee, I’ll ask for a cite on the benefits of gloves, if I think of it. After the test for sure.

The ‘course’ consists of watching a movie about filth. (Anybody remember Reefer Madness? I hear this one is better.) Maybe we’ll get the instructor reading the checklist again. Then we have a multiple-choice test. (Last time we got to check the handout for anything we didn’t remember.) Then anybody who was awake at any point during the course gets their card. One cow-orker says he will ask to take the test first. He’ll probably ace it.

Sorry I didn’t get back sooner.

I asked the instructor for a cite, but she had no idea. All she could say is that it looks good for the customers, as mentioned above. She says we have our own corporate health inspector, so I’ll see if I can find out more this week.

There is a small bit of evidence that gloves as they are used do not help.

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