Foot injury - advice? {It’s a blood clot}

This really chaps my hide! :angry:

It didn’t occur to any of them that it could, in fact, be a blood clot that could, in fact, become dislodged and threaten your life? Makes you wonder how hard it truly is to do med school and get a license these days.

I’m glad that you’ve made a lot of progress addressing the issue!

Hoping for a big, and well deserved, break to come your way.

And I do NOT mean a fracture :wink:

I was in the hospital for 2 weeks because of my clotted leg. The first thing they did was trace the origin which was my heart. A 3 1/2 inch clot in my heart. I was on heparin continuously the whole time.

that’s very common in older people who are losing circulation in their feet. I have that on the bottom of both my feet.

You can squeeze your toe nails and see if the blood immediately pops back. You can also check the temperature of your leg with your hand. When I first reported to my doctor that my oximeter reading was 55 on my left toes she asked me if my leg was cold. I didn’t understand the question. What she was really asking me was if it was cold compared to the other leg. Once I understood that it was obvious that one leg was colder than the other.