For Air Travelers: The Knee Defender

I would love it if the seats would not recline. That way it would be fair to everyone and the polite people who choose not to inconvenience the people behind them wouldn’t be the ones who always end up behind the full recliners. And I know I am exaggerating and I don’t care. So there.

Gee thanks, World Eater, for thoughtfully providing that link to those nifty tips for traveling. Unfortunately, none of those airlines travel to my part of the world. But I’ll be sure to refer to it if the opportunity should ever arise.

You are exceptional because, in my experience, you are the only traveler who ever looked behind before lowering the seat back. Congratulations on your thoughtfulness! I especially thank you for watching me eat my meal or snack, making sure I was done and everything cleared up before lowering your seat back. Your consideration is remarkable.

You are unique in your concern for your fellow passengers.

Actually there happens to be a pit thread on this very subject.

Anyone who has anything further to say, should do so over there.

American Airlines doesn’t fly to Texas?

World Eater.

I don’t think I was discussing the airlines and their inadequate seating. I was commenting on your arrogant response to the problem of those travelers who thoughtlessly lowered their seat backs.

I always recline (I have 17 fused vertabrae. I don’t do straight up sitting for long. I hate even sitting the amount it takes to take off). I also ALWAYS check with the person behind me, and if it’s a tall person, I request a seat change. I know I’ll need to be reclined, but I don’t think anyone should have to be uncomfortable because of it. I’ve never had anyone bash my knees because I’m only 5’4", which seems to be the ideal height for coach travel.

Having spent many years inside of airplanes and consider testing of the new seats as part of my job (I am a functional test technician after all), I don’t see how those things can work. The tray and tray arms are attached to the back of the seat, how is jamming a piece of plastic on the tray arm suppose to stop the seat from reclining? I saw nothing in the site that shows them actually working. I think this is some kind of scam.

I’ve done the same as Zette, especially on a transatlantic flight. After take off, I usually turn around, introduce myself and ask them how far I can recline to keep from “invading” that passenger’s space.

It’s a great “ice breaker” on an overnight flight, and it costs me nothing to ask and test the reclining.

Nah, I wouldn’t buy that knee-thing. Why antagonize someone you don’t even know? I do think it might be a good idea for the flight attendants to include the reclining “politely” as part of their “welcome aboard” speech. Just for those who may be first-time fliers and otherwise that it’s “out in the open” and one is not made to feel the villain when the passenger in front reclines too far and one is forced to bring it to their attention.