No one here has mentioned that the 32,000 games in the Microsoft version are not the only games possible. There are (52 factorial) games (=525150*…32*1 =8.07E67).

According to the link mentioned above,
10 million games have been analyzed and 126 of them appear to be unsolvable.

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No one here has mentioned that the 32,000 in the Microsoft version are not the only games possible. The number of possible games is 52-factorial (525150* . . . 321), about 810^67.

The first 10 million have been analyzed and 126 of them are unsolvable. At that rate, there should be about 10^63 total unsolvable games. See the link given above.

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I smell a move to MPSIMS coming.

But anyhoo, my record is 38 straight wins. My average is around 15 or so.

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Holy smoke it’s back to the drawing board for me… I really thought I was hot stuff

I had a friend who didn’t know about the cheat. He won a contest with his friend by building up a 150 game winning streak. How? He solved one game and played it 150 times in a row. No points for honesty, but plenty for persistance.

well, i know it’s not a world record, but it seems to beat whats been posted so far…
average = 96% won
streak = 154
all fair and square.
I switched to freecell after minesweeper was starting to give me a Repetitive Stress Injury (now there i had some good scores!). for a while i played Freecell pretty hard, now it’s just a time killer when i’m waiting for things to download. but i never give up on a game; when i lose one, i keep retrying it till i get it right (i’ve never run across the infamous 11982 by chance).

I programmed the game of FreeCell for the HP 200LX palmtop PC, and it’s being used widely around the world. At the time I first did it, I didn’t have access to the shuffle routine in the MS version, so I created my own, with one million possibilities. (I’ve since added the choice to shuffle a la Microsoft).

I don’t know how many of my one million games have been attempted/solved, but users have found one of them to be unsolvable, which was confirmed by the guy who maintains the FreeCell FAQ. He told me that it’s the only version he’s seen outside of MS FreeCell and their own FreeCell Pro which has been found to be unsolvable.

By the way, my version allows you to undo moves, all the way back to the beginning if you want. Many people have solved several hundred in a row, and one guy has done over 2000.

Another much easier way to change your statistics (easier than winning the same game x times) is just to change the registry entries. They’re stored (in hex) at: