FREED: What happened here?

I was browsing MPSIMS yesterday evening (ADT) when I saw a post titled something like “Ask the guy who just got out of jail” I believe the username was FREED.

The OP stated that he had been on the 'dope sometime in the past under a different username. He may have stated or implied that he had been banned at some point.

My question is: Why was this thread “disappeared” and not just closed and locked? I understand that it’s against the rules to have more than one username. I assume other rules were broken?

Just curious.

Socks get disappeared.

I’ve seen one or two posts in which the poster admits to having had another ID sometime in the past (like the one in question). IIRC, the poster was advised to seek the approval/blessing of the management.

Maybe this bloke had earned himself a lifetime ban.

from the FAQ

What Dex said.