Garage door opener started making a bad grinding noise, won't lift door

While it’s still cold, check to see if your tracks are binding around the wheels on the door. It may be that the cold is altering the shape of your tracks slightly, which is pointing out other issues that are developing with the actual lift. Silicon lube for the tracks as well as the gears.

I’ve been dealing with a car lately, but I’m going to wipe off the chain and shoot it with the silicone lube again. Maybe the spray two nights ago helped dissolve old dried oil or whatever. I had sprayed the rollers, but I just now sprayed all the hinges. It sounds quieter to me now, although my wife said it was loud again when she ran it after the door was open for a while.

IMO, the silicone spray should be regarded as a temporary measure on the chain. It’s okay for now, but chains require molybdenum powder in the lube or something similar, because the individual joints in the chain undergo heavy pressure on every use. Every joint bears the weight of the door.

Take a look at the teeth of the drive sprocket. If the teeth are symmetrical, one side of the tooth to the other, the chain is in good shape. If the teeth are “hooked,” it means the chain is stretched and badly worn. The chain and the drive sprocket should be replaced before something breaks.

This. Don’t ever use the original WD-40 on anything except an old rusty hinge.

It’s hard to say what’s “grindy” without looking at it but if you can run the opener with the cover off it should present itself. Before you lube it make sure it hasn’t shaved off any pieces between the 2 meshing gears. In other words, clean it before you grease it. That would make a noise as well as cause additional damage.

Looks like the gears which move and lift the door are damage. Please check the gear damage by opening the back cover of motor.
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