Gen McChrystal goes ass to mouth with his foot.

Obama: “MR. McChrystal, we’re going to use you to plug the hole in the bottom of the Gulf Of Mexico.”
The General: “Yes, SIR!”

“Fragging?” Is there some story out there that we still haven’t heard, or has the meaning of the term “fragging” drifted to a place where it no longer requires a component of deliberateness?

I believe he is using it in the video-gamey sense of “killed” rather than the military sense of “killed by a grumpy subordinate”.

That won’t work. The man obviously leaks like a sieve.

That’s not entirely true. He was recommending Tillman for a Silver Star and advised his higher-ups that there was a chance of Tillman’s death being fratricide but wanted him to get the decoration post-humously anyway. I’m not certain if that violates some protocol for receiving these types of awards or not.

Is it your assertion that he doesn’t get to talk to the President about the war?

Err, I’m having trouble finding where in the article it quotes him as saying anything negative about Obama. Only this:

Is that what you’re angry over? Or the Biden cracks? (and really, who doesn’t crack on Biden?)

That’s what I was wondering. I agree that what he did was unprofessional and he should be reprimanded. Military officials expressing frustration over diplomats and politicians isn’t something new, but he shouldn’t have done it in front of anyone other than the fellow servicemembers with sympathetic ears, not a damn reporter. That was stupid.

I imagine Obama is going to tell McChrystal that, if everyone on the planet is doing Mad Libs with Biden’s name, McChrystal had better fucking be the only one, out of 6 billion people, who is keeping his mouth shut. The administration isn’t just Obama.

Tillman was likely murdered by his own comrades. Just because you don’t read the stories out there doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Please note, I usually have illiterate imbeciles like you (and you specifically) on ignore because you are such a full fledged imbecile. You may now return to your regularly scheduled stupidity.

They did call the NSA (who is himself a retired, 4 star general of the Marine Corps) a “clown,” and the cracks on the VP are not acceptable in the military either.

He might have been murdered by his comrades.

Yes, the three bullets to the forehead at a range of less than 10 yards (within which range there was no enemy) might, combined with the other wounds have been an accident. But it was probably murder. While I can understand the credulous accepting that it was a series of accidents leading to all the bullet holes in Tillman at close range, what I cannot accept is some pontificating moron not knowing what the controversy is about, as though I were making up yet another of my wacky conspiracy theories every time an American lefty is found dead with bullet holes in him.

His closest , longterm aides and staff did. Do you not think he is responsible for them? It would appear that openly criticizing the president and the administration was standard procedure. The whole rats nest should be cleaned out.

We don’t know what range the rounds were fired from.

Are they putting stupid in the water where you live?

Actually - in 2007 Admiral Fallon, then head of Central Command, gave an interview to Esquire magazine that was critical of President Bush. Gates then relieved Fallon of his command. This is what makes this case fairly interesting - what will Gates’ response be this time?

Close enough that all three from the burst hit a forehead? Experts say that is 10 yards or less.

If fired from an M-16, yes. If fired from a SAW, as the Pentagon’s investigation suggested, you’d put three rounds into pretty much anything you hit because of the rate of fire.

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Well, you know, the poor bastard did vote for Obama. :wink:

The difference in that case was that Fallow (and McChrystal in the earlier case of his leaking the troop request) were openly disagreeing with the Prez in matters of policy. In this case, Obama and McCrystal appear to agree on the big issues, and the General and his aides were basically just snarking on the Administration in front of a reporter for the heck of it. Arguably the case of Fallows is a more damaging form of insubordination, but I can at least understand why a fustrated general might behave that way. McChrystal’s case just seems stupid.

Honestly, I expect the real explanation is simply that McChrystal can’t hold his Lime Beer, got sloshed on the bus he and his staff were sharing with the reporter, and let his staff vent in a way that he wouldn’t have if he and they were sober.