Georgia O’Keeffe – Sexual Harassment

Could a boss be liable for sexual harassment if he hung up prints of O’Keeffe’s yonic flower paintings?

Depends on where he hangs it and what he says about it. If it is in his office along with several other Southwestern-flavored or flower-styled paintings, and he doesn’t reference it, he should be fairly safe. If he hangs this one above his secretary’s desk, things may be different… :smiley:

But basically, you can be sued for anything by anybody at anytime. Have a nice day!

Who the hell would sue over a Georgia O’Keefe?

But then I’d only have a problem if my boss had Playboy centrefolds on his walls. Nudes in art are supposed to be art, not porn.

I think the defence to this would be that it’s a flower. You have to choose to see it as a vulva, and then to find artistic representations of female genitalia offensive in order to be offended.

If I put up a large watercolour of the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State Building would I be accused of sexual harassment? I think not.

The painting itself is not enough. The question is what does the boss do after the employee tells him that the painting makes her uncomfortable and what else is going on in the workplace that might add up to a hostile workplace environment?