Getting a root canal soon, advice needed

I don’t know…my root canals (I’ve had 2) have been horrible experiences for me. My last was in April of this year. I know they need to be done, as the only other alternative is losing the tooth. The novacaine needle doesn’t bother me in the least, but the filing involved with a root canal is the main reason I hate them. It isn’t a painful thing, but when the dentist starts filing my roots the feelings + the knowledge of what they are doing is very traumatic for me. The files always feel like they are 10" long, and it creeps me out. Last time I had the gas and while I was relaxed and quite loopy, I can’t honestly say it was no big deal.

ny years ago, and italian? dentist had a different technique for performing a root canal. The tooth would be drilled, and a root canal expose, but instead of cleaning out the pulp, a chemical paste was injected into the canal, and a temporary filling put in. After a few weeks, the dentsist would remove the temp filling, and the rootpulp would be all dried out. The root canal would be filled with gutta-percha, and a permanent cap placed. This was supposed to be fast and less painful…is this procedure ever used?