Getting my Mac to work with my TV

On this topic: why would my Samsung be able to run Netflix, HBO Max, et all …but not AppleTV+? It’s just an app! Just update your software, Samsung!

Corporate branding and marketing. Samsung is in the Android market and as far as they’re concerned, Apple doesn’t exist. If you have a Roku TV, Apple and Android don’t exist.

There’s probably also a licensing fee to allow Apple (and Roku, don’t think Android) apps to be advertised and used.

Except that recent Samsung TVs do now come with the Apple TV app and integrated Airplay.

Airplay presumably requires hardware, but if you just want Apple TV to operate like the Netflix or Hulu app to stream content on your TV, I don’t see why that couldn’t just be a software update on older TVs.

I don’t think Airplay requires anything special in terms of hardware - just current WiFi chipsets.

I got my Chromecast device today (3rd Gen, $30). I’m casting to a 2016 Samsung TV that does not have integrated Airplay. I’m casting from a Macbook, using the Chrome browser.

Easy setup, I had everything working 10 minutes after opening the box.

So far it works with every one of several dozen videos that I’ve brought up in the browser. It obviously works fine with things like Youtube and Netflix, but I have those as apps on my TV anyway, so I focused on miscellaneous other videos, not the major streaming sites. Everything worked great - by default it’s not just mirroring the browser tab or screen, it’s always picking up the video API, and quality is excellent.

Just one quirk I found. I watch some foreign sports via a subscription to a foreign service that only works if I’m connected via VPN through a server in that country. This doesn’t work through the default Chromecast process, because when I cast I guess it’s no longer going through my laptop that’s connected via the VPN, Chromecast is picking up the video direct via my WiFi. So for now the only way I can find to make this work is to select the screen mirroring option - but then I don’t get sound through the TV.