Getting rusted snapped screw out of aluminum

Could be an 8-32 machine screw.

Yes but I have always seen machine screws listed as 8-32 and sheet metal screws listed as #8.
In any event using an easy out on an 8-32 screw? I have never seen an easy out that small.

The inside of a large, grid ball, perhaps? :eek:

When I broke off a screw in an assembly one of our Experimentalist Gods told mre the solution. He told me to make a cofferdam around the hole with a cut-off piece of large diameter glas tubing and RTV, then to put an acid solution in the cup thus created and heat it all with a hot-air blower (basically a hair dryer). It dissolved the screw remains in no time at all.
He asked about the material of the fixture and the screw before recommending an acid, so it makes a difference. But nitric acid sounds OK. I suspect you can cofferdam with clay or something else, too. You can get RTV at Home Depot. Wear safety glasses if you try this.

It is a machine screw.

I’ll drill it out, and if necessary heli-coil it for you. I’ll have to bring it to work with me. I live in the south suburbs of Chicago. How soon can you get here?

if you try a chemical solution to this problem you should have more than enough chemical to neutralize the acid you are using. if it is a through hole then creating containment on the reverse side might be good or knowing the interior won’t be damaged by some acid.

If it is in a not visible place can you just drill another screw hole nearby?

The best penetrating oil is a 50-50 mix of transmission fluid and acetone.

Best way to remove broken bolts is to weld a slightly larger nut onto the broken bolt. You can do this with bolts broken fairly deep (I have done this as far as 1/4" deep). The heat from welding helps to break the corroded bond. Work the nut back and forth, like a tap.