Ghosts and people

BTW, I know séance is not a native american practice of sorts, but likened ot spiritual questing, and speaking with the dead, I used it.

Mr. B.

I am curious as to your situation and would like to hear more.

May I propose an experiment?

Get a family member of the deceased, and have him ask a question(s) when the ghost in visible to you. It should be a question(s) that only the family member and the deceased would know the answer to.

If you are able to get responses that answer the question(s) to the satisfaction of the family member, then you can be reasonably sure that this is the real deal.

If not, it could be medical on your part and should get it looked at.


Very true. I was going by the more common definition of perception as being limited to the immediate input of the five senses. No one (to my knowledge) has ever been proven scientifically to have been correct when they saw or heard things that other people could not.

Now, I don’t doubt that you are perceiving what you say you are. In fact, I cannot doubt that, because your perceptions are your own, and no one else’s. I just wonder if your perceptions mean what you think they mean.

OK first thing, no I don’t think you’re nuts. Are you being contacted? Dunno, All that matters is that YOU think you are.

Being with someone as they die is very traumatic. It could be that this is just your way of dealing with the trauma. So, we look at this 2 ways - either Mr. Wispy wants you to do something for him, or you are needing to do something for Mr. Wispy. Either way, as long as it is not illegal, immoral or damaging to his family’s psyche, this is something you need to do.

Set aside a definate block of time, Saturday for example. Tell Mr. Wispy that you’ll do as he asks for the next 4 hours. And do what is needed. But when the time is up, stop. And if that doesn’t take care of your situation, then… well, maybe counselling would be best.

Good Luck.

How is “Talk to Phil” cryptic?

Go find Phil, talk to him.

What makes me question the ghost theory is the how this person died and you tried to save him. However you were unsuccessful so this may be weighing on your mind.

Please tell us the whole story. Start with how this guy died and how you were involved. Then go into detail about when you first saw the ghost and what he says to you.

Yes, I yam. Eastern Cherokee, diluted to 1/8. I have never taken anything during my quests. My first quest occurred when I was 9, sweat lodge, stories, wish-stick, all the regular type stuff. And yes, a Peace Pipe, and no, it was tobacco.

I had a most significant visitation, of a somewhat Athabascan origin. It pointed out the consequences of telling untruths.

I don’t believe it was the Great Spirit, or any ghost for that matter. I think it was a hallucination, and a consciousness-specific one. I wear the symbol permanently on my arm.

The guy I’m seeing now, well, HE’s a GHOST. One visitation had him at the bottom of a 50-gallon trash can in our storeroom. He was full-sized, and lying on his stomach with the right side of his face and head on the ground/floor of the can, just the way I found him. He was represented just as if you’d cut the bottom out of the can and placed it over his body, except he did not extend past the outside of the can, and no, he was not “cut up,” disembodied or gory. When I forced myself to peer over the edge (and I was pooping in my pants), his left eye opened – it didn’t open in real life – and his lips moved as if to speak, but like one’d speak with his hand smooshing his mouth out like a “fish face.” It was still early into our encounters, so naturally, I bolted, knocking over boxes and miscellaneous other crap in my path. One other thing: when he’s/it’s about to appear, the air gets “thick,” and seems to get “wavy” like a heat mirage.

One other thing:
>>>Tell Mr. Wispy that you’ll do as he asks for the next 4 hours. And do what is needed.<<<
I’m in no way perturbed/scared/worried by him/it anymore. I’ve already communicated I’d like to help, but I’d like it to work with me. BTW: it’s not wispy, it’s more like a distortion, similar to what a pencil looks like when it’s placed in a glass of water. Refractive.

One other piece: through some investigation with the living, I’ve found out his name and discovered his boss’s name is Buzz. Honest.

>>>Talk to Phil<<<
I never said “talk to Phil.” I simply said “Phil,” and I assume it’s not “fill” because of the name “Bud” or “Buzz,” which could be a misapprehension in and of itself.

I’d recommend a serious sit down Mr.B. I think you know what I mean. I don’t know if there is anyone offering a sweat near you, but if so ask to be a part. I usually sit three times a year with a group of friends who have been doing it for along time. The efficacy of such a time can not be counted in words.

I would also recommend seeing a neurologist. I don’t want to sound alarmist, but what you are seeing and hearing could be signs of a physical, neurological—not emotional or mental—problem.

This is exactly what I would do if I were in your shoes. Of course, my default position is ‘skeptic.’

um, yes you did:

But anyway, I don’t want to jab you–just trying to help. And since you clearly want some help, you need to tell us the whole story from start to finish (which you haven’t done yet), and ignore the fact that some folks are going to start calling you crazy no matter what you say.

>>>I would also recommend seeing a neurologist. I don’t want to sound alarmist, but what you are seeing and hearing could be signs of a physical, neurological—not emotional or mental—problem.<<<
Waaaaay ahead of you, Eve. Checkups every 6 months, and as mentioned before, have been shrunk by my own and two independent specialists who all agree I’m fine. (Closed head injury, almost slipped the surly bonds and all that.)

Phlosphr: I dig it. Just don’t like sweating with disingenuous mod-hippie types. I need to find a group of friends I can trust – wife and I have recently relocated. For now, I’ll just keep to the Gita and let my friend figure out how to communicate.

>>>It’s been saying cryptic things like “Talk to Phil,”<<<
Sorry, toadspittle and Zebra. I meant to say “Phil” only. Not “Talk to Phil.” My mistake.

And to clarify, I’m not looking for help to deal with the situation. I’m instead trying to find if anyone has had similar experiences.

Mr.B - I’ll answer your last Question. Has anyone here had similar experiences?

Similar in that have I thought I was speaking to an apparition, someone independent of this plane of consciousness? I would say yes.

The experience was in grad school and I was in the middle of the Sonoran Desert just south of ASU campus in Tempe Arizona. I bought some Peyote from a trusted friend and tried to re-live some of Carlos Castaneda’s faux tales with a group of people. Well we tripped for a long while, and most of it was very fun. November in the desert is absolutely gorgeous.

However, I must point out the apparition I saw was mid-trip on some ripe peyote. I have never seen a ghost/ apparition aside from being intoxicated.

But is you reference my original post to this thread, you’ll see, I do believe.

Thanks for that, Phlosphr. I appreciate the personal exposure.

Myself, I have never had a drug-induced hallucination, but then I’ve only boomed twice and had some Orange Paranoia once, for a sociology project in college. (Not sanctioned by my accredited university, of course.) And crap, that was 10 years ago!

Phlosphr, how was your conversation with the hallucination? Did you hear a voice? Do you remember the sound of the voice? Pitch, timbre of the voice, etc? What did your apparition look like? Did you learn anything from it?

Isn’t this GQ?

The factual answer is that people claim to have done so, but there is no independant evidence of such an event.

Everything else is just anecdote.

Whoops, sorry, went out for the evening with my lovely wife.

Invocation: by definition, The Amityville Horror, embraced by dodecamillions of my countrymen, defeats “anecdote,” unless you consider it a biography of a house?

Yes, I finally relent. We don’t have a calibration for “ghostly,” “medium ghoulish” or “just shat my pants” so all the regular sightings are merely crap. When does case file after case file become Clinical Quantifiable Data? Are humans just categorically loony? Were the Neanderthals gooped up on gop as well? (in a tone of resignation, not vitriol)

BTW: independAnt of what or whom?

I’m not sure if that transpired all that well in my first post but I am very much skeptic too.

There’s a world of difference between working in a creepy room and having conversations with dead people.

Why don’t you do what andymurph64 suggested?

Or ask your visitor questions to which you could not possibly know the answer.

If I did see an apparition or whatever, this is what I would do. I would then have a serious talk with a good psychiatrist.

Btw, thank you Philster for that link, I have been dealing with my “ghost” very much in the same way the author has with his. That’s kind of what I was aiming for in my long post.

Are you using this as an example? I just wanted to mention that The Amityville Horror is a proven hoax.

Nonetheless, after you review the evidence, the only reasonable conclusion is that Castaneda was a con man and his books are a hoax.
– Cecil Adams

Just so there’s no question where that guy is coming from.

But, see, we’ve indepedently verified Galileo’s assertions with real observational evidence. That is what seperates him from, say, Joan Darc, a delusional teenager.

Big whoop. She also claimed conversation with imaginary entities and displayed many symptoms of a deep-seated delusional disorder. Even a blind squirrel will find nuts.