Give me $200,000 and two parachutes

If you liked the story of D.B. Cooper, you’ll love Richard McCoy’s story. Same flare, excitement, time period, etc. as Cooper’s case - minus the elusiveness part.

Yeah, I didn’t think so. So giving him a bum parachute would be a bad idea.

Note that around $6000 of the money was found in 1980.

If I found myself making demands, I’d throw in some things just to make the criminologists think. I’d be demanding two chutes, $250,000, a fruit basket, and an empty Tide box.
ETA: and don’t any of you go and commit a crime and make my demands just to throw suspicion my way!

Yes, I was aware of that fact. But the (not so factual) movie about Cooper is so ingrained in my adolescence that I will continue to use “D.B.”

Don’t forget the M&Ms with the brown ones removed.

Brilliant! Now you can commit the crime and make the demands, having pre-emptively cast suspicion on some other SDMB member. Unless the cops read this post, too. In which case I can now do it and cast suspicion on you. Oh, wait, I shouldn’t have said that, now I’ll be suspected.
This was all a ruse pre-planned with me and Kayaker, of course, to spread suspicion and allow us to get away with it.

Or is that what I want you to think?

But doesn’t that pretty much describe any death penalty execution?

I like the cut of your jib and would like to retain you as my lawyer.

From my dad:

Amish man: I would not hurt you for the world, sir; but you’re standing where I am about to shoot.

You got it.

I am fully convinced it was McCoy who was D.B.Cooper.

Yep, on a river bank near Woodland, Wa. Jumping in the dark and trying to steer toward a clearing, the hijacker probably ended up in the river and either drowned or died shortly after of hypothermia.

The cash on the bank may have either been placed there, washed down, or have been dredged up by channel clearing and deposited on the bank with dredge sand. It had been there rotting a long time.

He got away all right, all they way to the ground.

So I guess this means DB Cooper never made it with Kathryn Harrold while driving a pick-up truck down some back road, eh? Too bad.

I’m willing to bet his real name wasn’t Dan Cooper either.

OK, I’ve been trying for a while now to find this cartoon, but can’t find the image, only references to it.

Anyway, if anyone can find it, there’s a Far Side cartoon titled something like “What Really Happened to DB Cooper” that I think you’d rather like.

It has a man parachuting down into

[spoiler]a fenced in area, with several dogs sitting there watching him come down. There is a sign on the fence that says “Mary’s Rottweiler Farm.” *

  • or some name like that

Yes, but at least someone gave his name as “Dan Cooper”. No one ever gave his name as “D B Cooper”. :slight_smile:

Yeah, except for the fact that you have equivocated on the use of the word “you.” **Irishman **was referring to an individual, not the state.