Go via Car? Or light plane?

Check with the Chief Inspector at the FS/DO - he/she may be unaware of the problem (this is a public road, right?). I’m tempted to tell you to get the FAA lawyers involved - they can make the inspector’s lives miserable, but things get nasty real quick when you do. (Been there, done that - the local inspectors are no longer local).
And, unless he/she has a business card with the Dept. of Transportation logo on it, he/she ain’t the FAA - I doubt that many FAA employees moonlight as instructors - call the FS/DO.

I will.

I didn’t realise there were different levels of inspector/FAA/officials. I should know better, but I often have no clue. I’m not sure now exactly what the specifics of our conversation were, but I came away feeling that FAA was aware. But, like I said, I will call.

And he is retired FAA, should’ve said that. He teaches alot of things. Pretty sure he’s now a flight instructor. Will have to ask him about all this again at our next shindig. (Not exactly a close friend, but his son and I are fairly close)