Going under the knife tomorrow...

…to get a brand new anterior cruciate ligament. Wish me luck!

You have all my best wishes. Now can you explain that in English?

Good luck; but I don’t know where you’re going to find one of those things at this time of the day…

LOL Wanderer. That is a ligament in his knee.

Good luck ricepad. Playing football for so long, I have seen many ACL surgeries.

Luck to you…recover quickly…

Good luck.
I wish you a soon recovering.:slight_smile:

Good luck to you, and a speedy recovery!

Make sure you get Jell-O with your hospital dinners.

As someone that’s had several knee surgeries for ligament and cartillage damage, let me assure you that you’ll be fine.

Now you might hurt for a while but you’ll be fine.

The biggest danger is the first 24 hours after sugrery. There’s the distinct danger of consuming too much ice cream during “recovery”. When this happens you’ll gain weight, become lethargic, spend too many hours in front of the TV watching “Days of Our Lives”, and quit going to rehab.

So good luck with the surgery. And stay away from the ice cream. :wink:

[begins packing bags to go help out ricey, including very tight short nurse’s dress with crotchless panties and white garter stockings]

sorry about this, but as a nurse, I am gonna have to pack ugly shoes…

[throws in a pair of ugly white Eccos]

Good luck and hope you have a speedy recovery! Don’t be scared of the hospital food… it’s supposed to look like that!

“Going under” is always better than “falling on!”

Good luck!