Good lord man! I'm addicted to the BBC (America) chanel.

My gut tells me that they’ll show the Christmas specials of both The Office and The Kumars at No. 42 at… wait for it… Christmastime! :smiley:

The Kumars and Little Britain have both caused me to spit out my drink in fear of choking in laughter on a couple of occasions. Definitely a sight better than the umpteeth rerun of that AbFab episode where Bubble thinks that Simon LeBon took his wife’s name. :rolleyes:

There are some odd choices being made. BBCA used to be rebroadcast central, they are still flogging AbFab, not to mention the home improvement shows, and they showed the first two series of Jonathan Creek to the point where I could do a dead-on Maddy Magellan impersonation and mimic the dialogue along with her. But Red Cap? Once and never again. Third series of Jonathan Creek? Once and never again. Vicar of Dibley they simply pulled mid-stream, they didn’t even bother showing all of the series, and put Are You Being Served? and yet more reruns of Keeping Up Appearances (I love me some Hyacinth, but cut us some slack!) in its place. And Prime Suspect? I love me some Jane Tennyson too, but didn’t the American Anglophile audience suck all the marrow out of that bone on PBS?

Right now I’m catching the new comedies, Location Location Location and waiting for John Hannah Month. Or is it week? I hope it’s a month. I need for it to be a month. Please, in the name of all that’s holy, make it a month!

I suspect that some of those never-repeated shows you list are the ones where repeats will cost the channel a significant amount of money in fees, due to the stars being well-known (at least here, which is where the contracts were negotiated). The ones more frequently repeated are probably ones where they don’t have to pay repeat fees.

According to the season preview article in the Sunday New York Times, we’ll finally see The Office Christmas special on October 21. One of the frustrations of BBC America is having to wait so long after the original broadcast in the UK. Many of the shows they promote as “all-new” were broadcast several years ago in the UK.

Now you know what it’s like for us Old Worlders having to put up with delayed releases of any decent film, just so the multiplexes in Hicksville, AL can show it on as many screens for as long as they want :frowning:

It seems The Saint is always on. I’m also excited for John Hannah Month, because I like Mystery Mondays best out of all the BBC America programming. I only recently got BBCA as part of my digital cable package, and I’m sure they probably did it already, but I’d love to see a run of Cracker and Silent Witness.

I also nominate Prime Suspect for the Most Depressing Show On Television Ever.

The one thing I miss on BBCA is that they used to show a lot of more ‘Father Ted’. I loved that show! :smiley: