Google Goggles is Awesome

CNBC had an hour long program recently called “Inside The Mind of Google”. One of the segments was devoted to Googles, and it really is a brilliant app. As cool as it is, it points to some really astonishing possibilities in the future.

It’s pretty phenomenal. I’ve just tried it on the most standard of objects, the Mona Lisa, Starry Starry Night, and the Statue of Liberty, and it of course recognized them with no doubt. I got a MSEE specializing in DSP 25 years ago and this blows my mind. Back then, we were just speculating on how long it would take for speaker independent continuous speech recognition.

Skynet indeed. I’ll try it on a few landmarks around town and see how it does.

So AR is upon us at long last! Where machine and biology finally meet to transcend the human condition. I, for one, want my arm to be a lazar canon.

Isn’t “There is no possible way” from The 7th Guest video game(the telescope puzzle)?

Is it able to recognize more common (i.e. not necessarily iconic) objects? Like can it recognize different types of fruit or a musical instrument?

If you watch the video on the Goggles site, it says that it can’t really identify generic objects (at least today!). It’s only 2 minutes long and gives a pretty good overview of it’s capabilities.