GOP Activists to Romney: Why Aren't You Winning?

Oh no, if the Republicans lose, they will see it only as “We didn’t run a True [del]Scotsman[/del] er, Conservative. See? In all these other races, the Tea Party Republicans won*. Therefore the Tea Party is the future of the Republican Party, as we need only chase out these RINOs and be done with it!”

  • Nevermind they were places where the Republican would have won anyway.

Ben Stein “Bueller Bueller” longtime Republican say’s Romney’s a Losing Candidate


This has been Romney’s biggest miscalculation throughout this entire campaign. He watched the Fox News telecasts, he saw the GOP sweep in the 2010 elections, so he therefore went into this cycle assuming that the entire country is as disgusted with Obama as the Republican base. He figured that his campaign could consist entirely of the message that “I’m not Obama” and that people would instantly flock to him.

The problem is, the entire country is NOT the base of the Republican party, as the recent polls have been showing. No matter what Romney does, people DO NOT LIKE HIM, whereas Obama has continued to remain extremely well-positioned on likeability. Likewise, on the economy - Romney’s other big campaign assumption (“I knew how to run a business so I can run the economy”) - continues to stagnate, yet people have already factored the lousy economy into their electoral outlooks and they still prefer Obama.

Conservatives are trying to figure out what is wrong- is it the message of the messenger?

I think it is both.

As far as message goes, he gives little to support. He wants to both lower taxes for everyone and also raise them by closing loopholes. He will cut spending…somehow. He was pro-choice; now he’s not. Where will he be on that tomorrow?

As a messenger they are conflicted. As much as they hate Obama, they have grave doubts about Romney- his positions (too flexible), his religion (too strange), his demeanor (too stiff and elitist- something they hate).

Their last best hope is that Romney does well during the debates. I predict he’ll pull a Palin by refusing to answer the direct questions, and pulling out his tired, old talking points. That may play well to the base, but regular folks will see it as being evasive.

I think everyone can see through Romney’s “I knew how to run a business”. Which is fire everyone, outsource to China, and then keep all your cash off-shore.

A Romney business is the last in the world you’d want to work for.

But don’t make the mistake in thinking the Tea Party is just old overweight men, who in all likelihood spent a lifetime in sheltered, well paid, government employment as desk jockeys. They’re against the other guy who works for the guberment, not them. No, it’s the other guberment guy is the bad guy.

The reality is today makes the 80s look like one big hippy love in. George Bush Snr, lost his second term election because the Republicans hadn’t tapped into the loonies. Then they did. And the loonies eventually took over. Really strange ideas have become the mainstream in America.

If the Republicans ditched the loonies, they could have easily won this election. Pressing the gay marriage, racism, vagina buttons may work with the loonies - it alienates everyone else.

Romney could still win this election. But as well as being an idiot, he is surrounded by idiots. So, it’s not likely. It is likely he’ll say more stupid things in an effort to energise his “base” - whip the crazies up into a frenzy.

Least he doesn’t windsurf, I guess…

I don’t get it.

If Romney starts donning a bunny suit, then we can start to worry (or the Goopers should at least).

Bugs Bunny -

Around 3:15 on the youtube video.

Nothing like trying to turn your loser into a winner than by suggesting the incumbent will usher the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse onto Earth in his second term.

So they’re both nuts, then? Much like Chuck Norris and his wife, they of the “thousand years of darkness” asshattery. :rolleyes: Cool bumper sticker I saw: Eight years of insanity, and NOW you’re angry?

To be fair, Obama did make a bit of a gaffe on that front.

Sorry where’s my mind? We can’t forget John Q!

Yeah, Romney is doing terribly. Six points ahead in North Carolina, the state in which Democrats just held their convention. Why, he may as well quit now.

So, if his chances are that wonderful, why does the article I linked to exist?

You might want to cast your net a bit wider. You know he’s not running for president of North Carolina, right?

That’s a Rasmussen poll. Apply the empirical 4-6 point correction factor for that and you get a tossup.

BTW, how much did holding the GOP convention in Florida help them? has done us all the favor of putting up a No Rasmussen page this time around. Unfortunately NC has hardly been polled by anyone else for a few weeks.

That apparently applies to presidents from Hawaii too.:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like Mittens is going to release more details about his proposals this week.

Also, it’s apparently TOTALLY NOT because he’s been getting flanked by criticism for being too vague. Let’s see how far this gets him.