GOP plan - Romney/Cain

I think Romney’s best choice is Marco Rubio. Rubio is a conservative who would be popular with the Tea Party movement. Rubio has not alienated people like many other Tea Party candidates have - people won’t be coming out to vote against him. And Rubio has legitimate demographic appeal. As the only Hispanic candidate on the four top spots in the election, he would draw Hispanic votes.

I’m skeptical that Hispanic voters will flock to the party that’s been treating them like plague carriers just to vote for a Hispanic VP candidate.

I think a Romney/Huntsman ticket is more likely than Romney/Cain. Cain can only hurt him, whereas Huntsman is as slick as Romney is and would be very hungry for a shot at POTUS in 4/8 years if they won.

Huntsman would be a great pick for Romney’s VP. Our politics how they are however I don’t think people would flock to a Mormon/Mormon ticket.

Huntsman is a Mormon? Didn’t know that.

Doesn’t mean jack to me. If he picked up Huntsman and actually campaigned on a PLAN that didn’t suck the tea party’s genitalia, than I might actually vote for him.

Wait so you didn’t know one of the most basic facts about Huntsman yet if Romney chose him that would help seal the deal for you?

I consider the religion of the candidate as unimportant as their favorite ice cream flavor. That Huntsman is a mormon is not one of the most basic facts about him, it’s one of the most inconsequential facts about him.

Romney/Huntsman would be a very respectable ticket, which is why it will never happen. Romney’s already held in suspicion by too many Republicans of being too moderate, and Huntsman if anything is on his left. It would appeal to more Independents but a lot of the base (e.g. Tea Partiers) would probably just stay home. I consider that a good thing but it wouldn’t help Romney/Huntsman beat Obama.

Unfortuately Romney would have to pick someone on his right, like a Rubio.

It may not be basic, but it is information that even the most precursory search will reveal about him. From what sources are you getting your information that don’t mention Huntsman’s Mormon affiliation?

Yes, a mistake noted Republican Tom Joyner makes:

That changes everything. We can definitely draw conclusions about the actions of several million people based on statements by a guy on the radio.

The basic fact that he does know is that Huntsman is a Republican. The fact that he would consider voting for one of those is incomprehensible [del]to me[/del].

They will likely look at a southerner or a westerner to balance the ticket. Romney is another east coast big city type. Perhaps Brewer would be good choice.

I don’t pay any attention to religious affiliation because I don’t give a fuck. One of them could be a goat sacrificing pagan and I wouldn’t know it (or care) other than by the media making a big deal out of it.

Brewer makes some sense, but she would tend to alienate the hispanic vote I would think. Also, I don’t know that a double-governor ticket is wisest strategically. Ideally Romney would find a conservative southern or western Senator with strong appeal to the GOP base and, for the perfect ticket, a minority or woman to balance his white-bread maleness. Who fits that profile?

Well, upon further research, the only Republican female senators I can find not from New England are Murkowski (AK) and Hutchison (TX). Neither are likely candidates to be, uh, candidates.


On the white-male spectrum: John Kyl? Jeb Bush’s name still crops up, too, but I don’t think a Bush would work.

What about Romney/Perry?

I don’t think that will happen after they’ve spend the primary season beating up on each other. Although that might be the ticket with the best hair in American history.

I do think Rubio has the inside track. I thought about Bush too - he’s apparently popular with the Hispanic community - but I think the Bush name would probably be a drag on the ticket at this point.

I don’t think they like each other very much. i also think Perry is way to dumb to be taken seriously. He had a visit with Trump this weekend and is now talking like a birther.