Gotta watch Trigger Happy TV

Thought I would give this place a try. The show is freakin hilarious…I believe its on Comedy Central and it is from Britan.

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Yes, Trigger Happy TV was the best thing to hit our screens for many years. Glad to hear it’s made it stateside!

Fabulous, fabulous programme. I love it when, dressed as a parks warden, he goes up to old people sitting on a bench:

Erm, sorry to bother you, but someone fitting your description has been verbally abusing the clown in the children’s play area. Do you know anything about that?!

Classic stuff. . .


I’ve got mixed feelings about this show. It makes me laugh on occasion, but often it seems that while funny on paper, the gags never live up to their promise. It’s as if we are supposed to laugh at the idea of the gag, while the execution of it just isn’t very funny.

That’s the whole idea. Hence the lack of reaction-shots.

I just want to recommend the impression Dom Jolly does of a German tourist (often with one of those silly Union Jack top hats). The character absolutely does not, under no circumstances whatsoever, neither in physical shape or accent, remind me of the estimable Coldfire … but it’s close enough to be very funny :smiley:

I agree some of it was fantastically funny and some missed, just - but that’s the nature of the game; Some people find some stuff funny, others, other stuff …
ps. The music is excellent.

I love the one where he, dressed as a cop, tells the street cleaner to move because he’s parked on a double yellow. He also warns him about not having a license plate. The poor street cleaner is totally confused and irritated. It’s a great one.

I also like the one where he’s dressed as a police officer in the park. This woman walks by, and he tells her that these little girls are in the park making fun of him. The lady agrees that it’s terrible, then he asks her to escort him through the park, which she does.

Dom Jolly is hilarious.

The one where the man is in the waiting room for a meeting and there are signs showing the paths a certain type of animal is supposed to take down the hall, and when he gets to the meeting it is like a serious business meeting except everyone in the room was in an animal suit; and when he opens the door they all look at him strangely… :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved the Sumo wrestler in the tiny elevator, stomping and growling! ROFL!

And the guy in the business suit strolling down a deserted street only to be met at the end by a screaming, sign-waving mob pouring out of nowhere. Poor guy takes off running back the way he came, hanging on to his briefcase for dear life. Hahahaha!
I like the lack of reaction-shots, or more to the point I like the fact that they don’t run out after every gag and say “Ha ha! We got you!” ala Alan Funt and his Candid Camera routine. That got old real fast the last time I ever tried to watch it (years ago, but I still dislike it).

I like to think that some of those people still wonder what exactly was going on when they see the Secret Spy Stuff, or people being beat up by squirrels. I’m sure they have a good story to tell when they get home…

I think my favourite was the opening scene of series 2 : It starts with the camera focused on the traffic flowing in and out of Longleat Widlife park. You know something’s about to happen, but what?

The next car to exit the park has two enormous gorillas riding shotgun and they’re pounding hell out of the sides and roof of the car! They’re just men in gorilla suits of course, but you can just imagine the horrified reactions of the people in the cars on the other side of the road queued up waiting to go in.

And the interviews are fantastic. When the guy interviewing Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, was interruped by a person in an ape suit with a ‘Hi Mom’ sign, trying to get on camera, and the interviewer beat the living sh*t out of him, and poor Ken just didn’t know what to do …

Does anyone know the Canadian version from the Just for Laughs people? once there was an open sewer on the street, and a guy in a business suit and briefcase walked into it. And then emerged a few minutes later, and walked off.

Gotta love the guy going into the porno shop all discrete-like, only to come out with a band, cameras, Jolly, and a huge sign saying “1000th Porno Shop Customer!” He didn’t seem too happy.

I don’t understand how some of my friends can watch this show and not laugh their asses off. I can understand how Python type humor wouldn’t translate well, but this show seems like a more creative/tamer version of Jackass.

I really, really don’t understand why people think these kinds of shows are the least bit funny. It’s childish at best.

It’s all been downhill since “What do you say to a naked lady?” and that wasn’t all that far “uphill”.

Funniest show on television! Period!

The one where he’s pretending to be a crossing guard using a double-sided stop sign.

i liked when he was interviewing someone and then a clown walked up and pied him! That ruled! And he interviewed Alice Cooper who is a fan of the show and was expecting something funny to happen. He looked like the only one so far who knew that the wackyness was about to begin.

Also liked:

When balloons were tied to a baby and the baby lifted off into the air (it was a faked baby)

The Spy ones

anything involving people dressed as animals beating each other up in public