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when does earth venus and mars orbit the sun together and does this have any effect on our climate ?

I’m not quite sure I’ve parsed your question right, but here goes…

Earth, Venus, and Mars all have different orbital periods, so they never really orbit the sun “together”. There are conjunctions from time to time, which is when two of the planets will line up, approximately, for a short time. But conjunctions happen between every pair of planets in the solar system – whenever the inner, faster planet passes the outer, slower one.

In any case, neither Venus nor Mars have any significant effect on Earth’s climate, whether in conjuction with us or not. In fact the sun is the only solar system body that affects our climate – and it basically drives it entirely.

For the first part of your question:,_2012

Here is my composite photo of the last transit, in 2004, from Vienna.

A perforated sun! That picture makes me want to tear the fringe off, to neaten it up.

If we’re talking gravitational effects, the Moon is also relevant, in so far as tides are relevant to climate. But everything else is too small to even bother considering.

so no link possible between the 2012 allignment and our climate ?

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the supposed 2012 alignment has about as much chance of influencing climate or any other events on Earth as did the 5/5/2000 “Jupiter effect”.

There is NO alignment of the planets in 2012, despite all the crap theories being floated around. None, no alignment.

I thought he meant the transit of Venus for 2012 - that’s an alignment.

Silly boy. They’ll each be aligned with something.

2012 is all crap. Any time you spend thinking about it or debunking it is time wasted. Unless of course you want to exploit the idiots to make money.

A clarification: the Transit of Venus on June 6, 2012, when Venus passes between the sun and the earth, is a real astronomical event, and will not be repeated until December, 2117. It will have no affect on weather . . . neither on Earth nor on Venus.

None of this has anything to do with the Mayan calendar or the end of the world . . . which is nothing but folklore.

I just wanted to add (after re-reading the OP), that the 2012 transit is only for Venus. The next transit of Earth from Mars is in 2084. Simultaneous transits of both Venus from Earth, and Earth from Mars. (which is the closest thing to an “alignment” of all 3) are muuuuuch rarer. According to Dr. Wiki, you’re going to have to wait until the year 571,471.

My search-fu is lacking, but do I remember correctly that there’s a ‘vapour trail’ leading from Venus to the Earth? If so, the Earth gets some of its atmosphere from Venus.

I dont see how a vapour trail from venus to earth could be created or maintained through any natural means. Ill go out on a limb and say you mis-understood something when you read that.

I could believe that the solar wind strips some atmosphere from Venus, that it gets blown past Earth’s orbit, and that when the Earth is in the right place in its orbit relative to Venus, it captures some of it.

You might be thinking of this? (PDF)

The solar wind strips ions from Venus’ upper atmosphere, which then stream away in the Sun-Venus direction. They’re not streaming toward Earth specifically, but they can reach Earth when the two planets are in close conjunction.

Still, I’m not sure that’s a significant contribution to Earth’s atmosphere.