Greece's Elgin Marbles--Finders Keepers? Or Return 'Em?

If you look at the contents of some of the world’s great museums, you’ll see that a lot of the stuff therein was stolen, looted, borrowed, or ‘rehomed’ by the victors of some conflict. The great European museums were filled by the empire builders. A lot of what is in the British Museum and the Louvre, say. would have to be sent back home if the return of the Elgin Marbles was to set a precendent.
Nonetheless, The Elgin Marbles should be returned. If you have seen the Acropolis is Athens, you’ll know that it is not just another temple.
Plus the twit who narrates the tapes for the exhibit in the British Museum sounds soooo annoying.

I don’t know about Athenian resistance but I’m sure the Turks weren’t too concerned.

You have a point though, just consider what happened to Afghanistan’s antiquities when the Taliban was in power. Alot of the stuff that wasn’t sold on the black market was destroyed.

It certainly seems (from the article above) that returning the marbles would open up a floodgate.

from the above article

How does this make you feel?

Yeah, the marbles removed from Greece are in better condition, especially the ones on the ship that SANK TO THE BOTTOM OF THE FRICKIN’ SEA. And that was the last anyone ever saw of them.

Talk about “losing your marbles.”

ROFL! The greeks have been swiping their own marble and stone for building material for millenia.

Well, they are probably doing better than the stuff in Athens. Irrelevant, in any case. Better for some to have survived than for all of them to be dissolved by Acid Rain.

I don’t think I want to be insuring the marbles for any “loan” to Greece. Once they cross the borders into Greece on loan what do you think the chances are of them ever coming back? Want to speculate on the odds? I’ll say they are slim and none.