Grocery store throws out a ton of food after power outage

Yay! I like this!

When I worked for a fancy pastry place, we’d toss some of the pastries at the end of the day (or keep them - we were students being paid minimum wage). Others stayed fresh for longer, so we’d keep them. Sometimes we gave the extras to charity. A lady started coming round to collect them, and she eventually became quite belligerent. She’d come before we closed, and glare and snarl at us if we tried to keep some of the food for ourselves - or even when when we wrapped up stuff to sell the next day. She appeared to feel entitled to it and was quite rude about it. I can see a manager not wanting to tolerate that any more.

I also worked at a place with a cafeteria, and the workers there told me they were absolutely forbidden from taking food home at the end of the day. The only possible reason I could think of for this was because if they were allowed to take it home, they might begin to make extra that they would have to “throw out” at the end of the day. (This concern is just as valid for the owners of my coffee shop - a manager could get in the habit of “accidentally” ordering too many pastries.)

I worked at a sandwich/deli place that made fresh sandwich ingredients (salads, veggies, etc) that we had to throw out at the end of each day. We called around all the charities we could and nobody would come pick it up unless we made it into sandwiches for them (i.e. they didn’t want a bunch of grilled zucchini and peppers in a box). We were getting paid (again, minimum wage) for the absolute minimum amount of time it took to close that store, and making sandwiches for charity would have taken up quite a lot of unpaid time. Fortunately there were a lot of local homeless folks in that neighbourhood so I could usually get rid of it, but it was a lot harder than it should have been.

From the business owner’s point of view, it’s good sense, to be sure, but I am sickened by a system that makes this so.

I learned about a fantasy of mine coming true, after it was too late to do anything about it. The local convenience store’s freezer broke down and they were selling Ben&Jerry pints for a quarter each!!!

Not when the Bush White House is within rotten tomato range at any rate… :smiley:

We ran into something similar at the book warehouse, she would come by and pick up some of our damaged and yellowed stuff. She started accusing us of “holding out on her” when we didn’t have any for a while.