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“Slightly off topic: Can anyone tell me the chemical name for H2O besides water? I say it’s hydrogen oxide, but my wife says that’s wrong but she can’t think of the correct chemical name, if there really is one.”

IIRC, dihydrogen monoxide.

I think it’s implicit that the oxygen is divalent (has two hydrogens attached) and so my guess is that if ‘water’ is no good for you, hydrogen oxide is the one, akin to hydrogen sulphide, H2S

The early British rocket program used an H2O2 powered rocket. If you are interested in H2O2 as a rocket propellent, check out http://www.lunacity.com and click on the E.R.P.S. Team link. Is about a group attempting to get the amature or small co. package to orbit prize. They are using ultrahigh concentrations of H2O2 to go about it. There are a few other things, but the memory is fuzzy, its been a while since I heard Mr. Wallis speak on the subject.

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J String- it is Dihydrogen Monoxide. I used to scare people telling them that it is found in acid rain and can choke when inhaled. Then I said that it is in swimming pools and rivers. Boy, that works good.

Android209- cut the kid some slack. obviously we are not all as perfect as you, being a robot and all :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s also found in cancer cells, industrial waste, etc… “Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide” is a popular environmentalism parody. Check out the DHMO Homepage.