Hackers and non-traditional sex - SingleDad?


I don’t know if you saw the article in today’s Salon, If code is free, why not me?.

It discusses how there is a large community overlap between open-source hackers and non-traditional sexual lifestyles, and includes this bit which made me think of you:

Does this sound at all familiar to you? I’m interested in your comments on this, as I know you were in the commune and I also gather you are or were some nature of hacker. Did you know of Kerista, or was it even your commune?

I’m a straight married hacker, and I’ve noticed quite a few more of my hacker friends are polyamorous or otherwise non-traditional and I haven’t really given much thought about what might be behind this trend…

SingleDad is an open source hacker? Cool.

I tend to agree with the article. The Jargon File (formerly The Hacker’s Dictionary) mentions this, too:

Now, I’m not talented enough to call myself a hacker or experienced enough to have partaked in sex, traditional or otherwise, but stuff like polygyny, sadomasochism, and stuff like that has interested me for a while, and many UNIX types I’ve talked to seem to also fit the profile.