Hall of Fame Voting

Of course.

Could the league have enforced this “rule” without the union on board?

It is not that simple. Bonds had his best seasons, and put up phenomenal numbers when his age said he should have been on the downside of his abilities. He got huge and gained strength and bat speed. Then his name showed up in Conte’s office. Conte was involved in HGH, steroids and anything else that would give an athlete an edge. He developed systems and routines to mask and to get maximum benefit.
Bonds watched Sosa and McGwire get all the accolades knowing he was a better player than they were. I suspect the temptation was too irresistible.
The legal argument avoids the ethical and moral dilemmas the players were facing . I personally think use was rampant all over sports. I suppose ignoring use is the only way not to penalize an honest player of the steroid era. Give an asterisk to the whole generation but vote them in if the numbers force you to.

Numbers are tools. Tools don’t force me to do things. (Sometimes I talk tools into things.)

In this case, the stats are unreliable, and in the interest of caution, I’m withholding support unless I can be pretty sure that the candidates did NOT use PEDs.

Can we all agree that Barry Bonds, while one of the greatest ballplayers of all time, is a surly prick who’s never cared what the public thinks of him?

Good. So… if your logic holds, why didn’t he state publicly and defiantly, “Hell yeah, I used steroids, and it was legal, so shut the f**kup about it”?