Handicapped parking

Dude, you play a game where you get to swing metal objects vigorously in close proximity to other people. Surely, you could think of a way to get in a game with these guys…and then the solution suggests itself…

My dad was in a car accident a few years back and got a temporary hang tag that expired in '03. It was really easy for him to make it look like an '08 expiration date.

I have issues with my dad.

On the other hand, my mom’s (second) husband is handicapped (had polio as a child) and walks with a cane. She does not use his “handy tag” if he’s not in the car.

I love my mom.

My MIL has a tag for chronic back pain or something. It’s legit, but she will stubbornly refuse to use any normal parking spots, even when an open one is closer than the blue ones. She’ll park on the other side of a parking lot for no other reason.
Yeah, she’s a bitch, but at least she won’t berate those who don’t ‘look’ disabled.

Because she’s in a wheelchair and I have to wheel her and her cart to the car, empty the cart, try to get her out of the wheelchair into the car and get the wheelchair into the car. In the regular parking spots there isn’t a lot of room.

Is that good enough for you? Better yet, you try it sometime and let me know how it goes. :rolleyes:

Maybe not quite as good as that, but in Irvine California the police do periodic sweeps of mall parking lots, and either write tickets or confiscate handy tags (or both as the needed) I think the tickets start in the $300 range.

My friend’s baby was sick and she rushed over to the pharmacy and parked in a handicapped spot and got a ticket.

Here (NJ) if you get a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot you don’t just pay your ticket, you have to go before a judge. It was a pretty big fine too. Second offense and you have to do community service.

Swell! Do you use the N-word too? :rolleyes:

Which goes against the assumption I stated, “Assuming you also pick her up at the door…” So, neener-neener. :slight_smile:

The way I see it, I’m an able-bodied young man (ok, early-middle-aged man, whatever, bite me). I’m perfectly capable of walking 100 yards to a building if I need to without passing out, experiencing crushing pain, or sobbing uncontrollably. It’s not worth the gas it takes to drive around and around the parking lot trying to find a good NORMAL spot. It’s surely not worth the karmic hit that parking in a handicap spot could generate. Anyone that behaves otherwise, whether their violating the spirit or the letter of the law, would probably steal loose change from blind street musicians. In other words, they suck. (No, I’m not saying you suck, Caridwen, or that you pilfer quarters.)

Sure, I agree with that. If I was dropping her off and picking her up at the door I wouldn’t use a handicapped spot. But I’d probably be using my own car anyway.

My point was the looks I got from the busybodies walking back to the store. What difference did it make to them where I parked as long as they were able to park their car and waddle on into the store. I hate HATE busy bodies who’s lives are so unimportant that they actually pay attention to who’s parking where when it has nothing to do with them.
Stick your head back in your National Enquirer and worry about important things like who Madonna is adopting this week.

The magazine *Disability Rag *used to sell stickers featuring Disability Rat to stick on the windshields of cars without tags parking in the marked spaces. As I recall, they were backed with especially sticky glue.

I don’t agree with this. I think part of what is going wrong with our society is that everyone is busy not confronting everyone else when they do something assholish, so the assholes get away with it and think it’s fine and teach their children to live that way, too. You have a sticker on your car; I agree that people should just assume that you know better than they do what your circumstances are. For people who park in handicapped spaces without tags, though, I have no problem with people calling them on it. I extend this to people who do all kinds of Entitled Asshole things. Maybe if they get called on it enough, the message that it isn’t cool or condoned by society might get through their tiny little brains.

Wow, I guess I’m missing out. I always park at the back end of the lot because it’s easier and faster to get out of the car. I’m usually in the store/mall/whatever before other people who are driving around looking for a good space.

I did park illegally in a handicapped spot once and got a ticket it for it. My wife had broken both of her legs falling down our stairs. I parked there once because it she was wheelchair bound. I explained the situation to the policeman and he tore up the ticket.

In situations like that, one should be able to get a temporary tag. Most municipalities offer that.

Negro? Sure. I use it.

I’m not sure if you’re stating that as a ‘I can’t believe they ticketed her’ thing or not. But my immediate reaction was if her baby was so deathly ill that the time spent walking from a regular parking spot was so vital, maybe she should have taken the baby to the hospital instead.

Which is pretty much what I said. People who don’t have tags or stickers should be confronted. Where did I say anything differently? Want to point it out? :rolleyes:

OK!!! Now I see what your talking about. Featherlou if this is what you were referring to I apologize.

My friend that got the ticket? Hell yea, she should have gotten a ticket. You won’t get an argument from me about that. She wanted me to go to court with her and I wouldn’t. Moron. She said the judge gave her a big lecture, which she deserved as well as the fine.

I agree that assholes should be called on their actions.
When I was on crutches, and had a handy tag, I went shopping with my kids one Saturday. I wanted to pull into a space HC space that was right in front of the store I was going to shop in. There was a car in the lane partially blocking the the space. I could not get into the space due to the placement of the car. The driver was out of the car talking to another man. I waited a minute or so, no change. So I beeped my horn, and when they looked up, I pointed to my tag, the space, and the car that was blocking the entrance. One of the men came over and very rudely asked if I could see that they were talking. I replied that all I could see was that his car was blocking the HC space that I wanted to and was entitled to park in. He got really pissy then and told me they had been in an accident and stormed off.
I had to park at least 50 yards away (the mall was really busy that day) I got out my crutches, and started clomping into the mall. By the time I got to the two guys, I was pissed. So I went right up and got in this guys face and said, You know what asshole, I hope that someday you wind up on crutches, and somebody does to you what you did to me today. When that happens, I hope you remember what a fucking asshole you were today.
With that I turned and headed into the store. My son (almost 16 at the time) asked me, How do you get into an accident when you are stopped in a parking lot? Laughing I said, I don’t know, let’s ask.
So I turned around and yelled at the top of my lungs "Hey shit for brains, my son is learning to drive, and he just asked me a question that I don’t know how to answer, but I think you do. How do you get into an accident when you are stopped?
I swear to OG I didn’t know if the guy was going to run over and try to beat me up, or just stroke out on the spot.

Yes, I can be an asshole when I am pissed, why do you ask?

And when you might someday be of need of a handicapped parking space, who will come to your aid when you need help?

I’m applying to my local police as a volunteer disabled parking inspector. It’s a $250.00 fine for violating the state law for offenders. In addition, if private property owners do not police their own disabled parking spots sufficiently, they risk themselves being fined $250.00 for every offense committed on their property.

Wow you can do that? I’d love to do it! I have a bit of a ‘nark’ streak in me. I asked someone at customer service once at a Walmart about the handicapped parking since I’d seen someone park in the spot. They basically told me they don’t do anything about it unless someone complains.