Hardware update question for gaming on new machine

One thing not mentioned is that you may need to make sure you’re on the latest update for Windows 10 or 11.

I agree that ray tracing is not going to work well on your card. If you can’t figure out how to download the regular version, I’d suggest asking on the Steam forum for the game for help:

It’s probably just a setting you need to change or a link you need to follow.

If you can’t get it working, you might consider refunding the game and getting it on GOG instead, where I know for sure you can get the standard version: it will just give you both links when you buy the game.

If you bought it on Steam, I’m very confident you own the base game. The AppID for the Enhanced Edition opens directly to the base edition’s store page and Steamdb gives no indication that it’s sold separately. Still, I could always be wrong. Open your library and take a look. You should show both editions. If not then… weird and that sucks.

Thanks. But I unloaded it before I could check that out. I did find the non enhanced version on Steam, downloaded it, and it seems to work fine. Though I haven’t played it yet. It did get past the opening credits though.

Thanks everyone. I was about to just say screw it and by a gaming machine as well as my current HP Envy that I use for work. The Envy that I use for work is my personal machine that I just remote into our systems, but am hesitant to crack it open. If I mess something up, well, I can’t go down for a few days.

Since I’m not really an avid gamer, I think my current set up will be fine.

Thanks again.

To be clear, you have an actual video card. That means you can replace it with something better if you find a game you like that your 1660 SUPER struggles to run.

But of course, it also means you don’t absolutely have to do anything. 1660 super should be fine for now.

Yup. Thanks. I was looking under This PC > Properties and did not see a graphics card mentioned

I found the graphics card under -

System > Components > Display. And also on the HP account I created.

I really should know better. :man_facepalming:

Glad you got it running. You did what I was trying to express – you should have owned the standard edition (and you did) so you’d need to use that instead. I thought you were saying you couldn’t find/didn’t own the standard edition. Anyway, glad it’s running now and hope you enjoy the game for all the effort.

The 1660 Super is roughly the same as the 3050 without the ray-tracing or DLSS so there shouldn’t be anything it can’t run (outside of weirdo ray-tracing only versions). It’s a 1080p card and you might need to run at lower settings but there’s no reason to replace it for casual game playing.

Thanks Jophiel. I probably did have the standard version. But I removed it all before I revisited this thread.

Had to look up ray-tracing. But I’m afraid my brain is full.