Has Israel expanded its boundaries beyond the 1947 UN dictated partition?

Even though this is an old conversation it deserves to be mulled over again considering the President of the U.S. called for Israel to contract to at least the 1967 boundaries recently. Of course Netanyahoo balked at that like the Pres. asked him to set his mother on fire with lighter fluid. (WTF…SERIOUSLY???..another case of high drama and overreaction)

I have Israeli friends (2) that have families that never left the region that resent the arrogance of the post 1947 Zionist/Secular government that’s become an insatiable beast made of blood and greed and stands for nothing that even remotely resembles honor or dignity. I suspect the country wouldn’t even be able to affect positive change or be a place of stable refuge if another holocaust would happen which was the whole purpose for the creation of the state in the first place.

As far as I’m concerned screw the 1967 boundaries Israel should contract itself back to the only internationally recognized boundaries created in 1947 with the 1947 plan, work out some type of power sharing plan in the region in the case of a Holocaust like event and declare “Disputed” areas UN territories not solely controlled by either Israel or a newly created Palestinian state…PROBLEM SOLVED.

It’s only because the Israelis kept expanding the boundaries, provoking and displacing Arabs and using neutral terms like “Demilitarized Zone” to describe illegally acquired land exclusively and explicitly for the expansion of an Israeli state. Now Israel has spilled so much blood unnecessarily that they would fear retribution from a Palestinian state configured from the 1947 boundaries, but that’s no one’s problem but theirs.

The reality is that had they simply just defended the 1947 boundaries from the beginning many Arab countries and other countries in the international system would have eventually empathized with their plight. However because they, in they’re arrogance, immediately moved militarily to expand boundaries to encompass even larger area year after year in a region where some alien occupying force ceded local lands to them with no regard for those that were already living on the land of course most people view Israel as being backward.

You resurrected a thread from six years ago to comment on an event that happened one year ago?

Obviously, Israel needs to defend its borders in order to keep the zombies out. (Hell, it worked in World War Z.)

Yeah, but he did solve “the problem”, so there’s that.