Has the poor quality of the last few SW movies reduced the fan base significantly?

Hate? No. I was disappointed.

Remember, in the first trilogy we had 2 and a half superb movies. So it was quite a letdown.

I really, really hated the last two movies. I pretty much expect to hate the next one, though I’ll see it anyway. I hated the changes made in the “Special” Editions. I don’t even like the original RotJ all that much.

But am I still a fan? Yeah. Yeah, I am. I watch the first two movies, and the magic is there. Some of the EU stuff coming out that wasn’t directly created by Lucas can still capture that. The Clone Wars cartoon they did last year? Brilliant. I just picked up the first Star Wars Tales graphic novel, and there’s some great stuff in there. (especially “A Death Star is Born,” which just kills me).

So, I’m still a Star Wars fan. I don’t think that’ll ever change. What I no longer am, is a George Lucas fan. Sorry, George, I used to think you were a genius, but I guess you were just lucky. Please retire or something, and get out of the way of your own creation, because at this point, you’re just holding it back.

Also, Liam Neeson was the best thing about Phantom Menace. Okay, not really that much of a trick. But Liam Neeson is one of those rare actors who makes everything he appears in that much better. Lucas should never have killed off his character.

Star Wars was nominated for Best Picture in 1978. It lost to Annie Hall.

No hatred here, either. As Qadgop said, more disappointment than anything else, and an unwillingness to spend another red cent on trash that Lucas is currently churning out.

No, he’s right. I was dissapointed in TPM. I hated AotC.

They took the only good thing about TPM - Ewen McGregor - and turned him into a bumbling pussy.

Oh I forgot to mention, I’ll be there opening day for Episode 3. Sue me.

Likewise. Far and away the worst mainstream, big-budget movie I’ve ever seen.

I pretty much lost it when “The Force” turned out to be a disease.

Watching the master Jedi dismissing the Force as an unsuitable venue for a duel in favor of light sabers was just more of the same. A real Jedi Master would have just demonstrated to the servant of the dark side that the source of our power maintains its character, even for a master.

“The power of the Dark Side you wield, and serve it, you must. Fear you wield, and believe it to be power, you do. But hope is my ally, and over me, fear has no power. Where light is, can darkness be? Go.”

A bit less thrilling in the special effects, of course.

Lucas’s vision turns out to be only half vast.

A pity.


I’m a casual fan of the series, having seen the original Star Wars when I was six on a double bill with Escape from The Planet of The Apes. Never owned any of the toys but I can do a mean impression of the lightsabre clash-n-hum.

While the current set of movies lack empathy with nearly all the characters, there’s still a few bright spots: the clone army concept. Augie Daddy Fett and Baby Boba Fett. Yoda lightsabre duel with Dooku. Mace Fucking Windu! Set designs are uniformly awesome although some CGI is a bit overdone. (But if you own the studio that does CGI for much of Hollywood and you don’t have to charge yourself I can see why effects are overdone.)

Attack of the Clones is more meritworthy than The Phantom Menace by far. I’d love to hear explanations why it was supposedly more hateful.

I saw the original SW on Betamax when I was 5 (i’m 27 now) and was blown away. But, as other people have rightly pointed out, Lucas doesn’t care anymore, and it shows, big time.
I think i’ve said it before, but Hollywood has these people called script polishers. They can write decent dialogue, instead of the crap Lucas comes out with. At least on the DVDs of AotC you can skip the chapters where Amidala and Anakin are falling in love and get to the kick arse bits - which are to me, breathtaking.

Will see the 3rd one when it comes out, but all i’m looking for there is if ILM bring their A game to the plate when compared to WETA, who’ve basically kicked their arses over the last few years as far as CGI goes.
It’ll bring closure, but at least I too have the original cuts on video, even though i’m blatantly going to buy the boxset on DVD when its out in september

Speaking as someone born in 1972, I adored the first three, saw the 4th and hated it…and although my fiance SWEARS I have seen the 5th, I must have blocked it out of my mind entirely, because I remember not a single moment of it.

If George Lucas had died after the third (RotJ), I’d say he was spinning in his grave over the “new trilogy”…sadly, all I can say is, I hope he (unbeknownst to the rest of the world) died and left a clone in his place who doesn’t care how much of a big pile of sh*t the 2nd trilogy is. =(

Just FYI…

Episode 3 will be called Revenge of the Sith.

I don’t hate it either. I’m just disillusioned.

And what’s sad is that we know Lucas is capable of great directing, and I’m not just talking about the first movies. Watch American Graffiti. Watch that movie, and then watch Attack of the Clones. And then weep.

I wonder if Revenge of the Shit’th ith going to thuck ath bad ath the latht two.

In case this last installment goes horribly wrong, I want to be the first to make the inevitable “Revenge of the Shit” jokes.

Remember: Sunday July 25, 2004! 11:16 EST! You saw it here first!

I wasn’t a big fan. I kinda liked Star Wars and really liked Empire but thought that half of Jedi wasn’t that great (care to guess which half? :slight_smile: ). I saw the Phantom Menace and that was it for me. I wouldn’t have seen Attack of the Clones except I had several friends who wanted to see the film and so I went with them. Out of those several friends most of which were bigger Star Wars fans than me, for three of them Attack of the Clones was the final nail for them and one still feels that Lucas can do no wrong.

It’s hard to say what the wider impact is, though. There’s a lot of griping about Eps 1 and 2 even off the Internet, but I’m dubious that it’s going to be a major impact. The films are being marketted to certain individuals with less discriminating tastes (sometimes referred to as “children”) and being pushed as a kids movie may let the next film continue with its impressive box office results…

I was a major fan of the original trilogy. I saw Star Wars six times in the theater, which ties it with Wrath of Khan for my personal record. I even wrote a paper for school about it, which earned me a rare A+ (pathetically, I’m still thrilled about that grade over 25 years later. :sigh:) I was fascinated by Lucas’s original concept of nine films. I read all sorts of articles about his plans, and bought some of the Star Wars novels. For years I waited excitedly for Episode 1.

But by the time the movie came out, I had pretty much lost interest. Nothing I read about Episode 1 impressed me, and somehow I never ended up going to the theater to see it. When I finally did see it on video, I was bored out of my mind. It was a struggle just to get throught it. I couldn’t understand one word that JarJar said, which made following the story pretty much impossible (I tried using closed-captioning, but that wasn’t much help either). That was my last encounter with Star Wars. I’ve paid no attention to the subsequent films, and was surprised to read in this thread that they’ve been as successful as they have. I kind of thought they’d faded into obscurity – they certainly have for me.

I was never an obsessive fan, but really liked all thre of the first films, though when I watch them as an adult, I am less enamored.

But the last two have killed all interest. I fell asleep during Attack of the Clones. The only time I’ve ever done that in a movie theater.

I was 9 when Star Wars came out, and I fell in love with it. Watched it in the theaters over and over, played with the action figures, and basically had the entire movie script memorized by age 10. I was 12 when Empire came out, we saw it opening weekend, and I loved it. Even now it’s my favorite Star Wars movie. I remember at the time that as I gushed about it, most people I talked to hated the fact that the movie ended as a cliffhanger. People were really pissed about this. I was 15 when Return came out, and we saw it the first week it came out. I loved it up until the Ewoks appeared. The loony antics among the Ewoks completely detracted from the genuine drama unfolding on the Death Star above, and I found myself, for the first time, disgusted and disappointed with a Star Wars movie.

When Phantom came out, I was an adult and had changed much. I had re-watched each Star Wars movie several times over and I had a more forgiving attitude towards Return. I didn’t see it until about the third month after it’s release, and I had already read the reviews and heard the word of mouth about how lousy it was, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed much of it, although Jar-Jar did seem an unneccessary distraction. Same story with Attack. I liked Attack better than Phantom, except that the Annakin-Padme interaction was, though important to the story, done with a high ‘gag-me’ factor.

In sum: I have not given up. I loved the first two and enjoyed most of each of the other three. I will see the next one, though I won’t line up to see it the first week or even the first month.

I don’t hate the films, but my interest has definitely dropped. I’ve never been a mega-fan, didn’t get into the books, games etc. For me the movies were enough and fun to sit through.

I was about 10 when Star Wars came out and was amazed. Even when I grew up, I could suspend my disbelief and go into that world. This movie for me will always be Star Wars.

ESB was a very good sequel, and runs a close second in my book.

RotJ was a nice though lacking finale to the story. Because I liked the characters I can overlook some of the silliness that occured.

PM for me was all flash and no substance. The effects were great but the characters and plot were non existant. The one scene that stands out for me is where the queen gets on her knees and begs the underwater creatures for help. She was so wooden it looked to me like a run through that Lucas decided to use. No emotion, no since of what was going on was a big deal, just another lackluster scene until we get to the space battle. Then there was the Midichloratin (or whatever) that took the “wonder” out of the force. The whole movie seemed rather pointless and didn’t go anywhere. The one saving grace was the performance by Ian McDiarmid.

AotC was a little better but the foreshadowing was laid on awfully thick. A couple of moments would have been neat, but they went overboard. Also, I could not buy the romantic subplot, it seemed forced. Unlike the story of Han an Leia, which was told much better and believably.

I have my full screen VHS tapes of the original flicks, though showing their age, that I will hold on to. I’m not planning to be the current DVD set because all the aditions don’t add anything for me. In fact some of the additions detract from the movies. The latest two movies were just more bloated, Hollywood summer films like Godzilla, ID4, Van Helsing that I have little interest in and usually end up not seeing, even when released on DVD.