Head Shaving Discussion

  • Do you apply anything after shaving?
    The top bit (like the bald spot area toward the back) of my head has a tendency to be a bit dry and flakey right out of the shower, so I apply a tiny bit of baby oil to that spot while I finish showering. Then I use some ultra-light facial lotion (with bonus low-SPF sunscreen!) on that spot after I towel off.

  • How often?
    Twice a week, usually Sunday or Monday, and then Thursday or Friday. Usually because it starts looking kinda scuzzy. If it wasn’t so time-intensive (it usually takes me 10-15 minutes), I might shave every day or every other day. If it didn’t make me look old, I might only do it once a week. The velvety fuzz feels nice if you let it grow past the 2nd day stubble.

  • How long before you could glance in a mirror and not chuckle?
    I look better bald than I ever did with hair. Probably.

I got the worst cut of my life from a Headblade- in my experience, it was way too easy to slide the blade sideways.

I also use a Headblade. I find it produces far fewer nicks, and the slices are no more frequent. Slices are usually a result of a mole, mosquito bite, or some other irregularity.

I do it every other day or so, but that’s because I’m lazy and only do my face every other day or so. I shave in the shower, in only a minute or two. I go by feel like so many others in this thread. I don’t put anything on afterward unless it’s been a long time between shaves (4 days or more), which tends to result in my scalp flaking if I don’t use some kind of moisturizer.

She if she gets it when you say “Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!”

I just went back to razor shaved smooth again after growing it out to a 1/4" buzz cut for the last year or so. I agree shaving in the shower is easiest, quickest clean up and best results. I take about ten minutes to shave my face and scalp but I’m super picky about getting every last trace of stubble.
I don’t apply anything after, I’m prone to zits and don’t want to clog up any pores with lotion or whatever.
I still cringe when I see pictures of myself totally bald, it’s definitely not my most flattering look. It just feels do damn cool I just can’t resist doing it at times.

Well, I went home after work and had my closest shave yet (still learning).

I covered my head with a hot wet towel. Put the towel in the microwave whenever it cooled. Applied a few drops of baby oil, rubbed in, reapplied towel. Applied gel to scalp. Shaved. Then a cold water rinse and some witch hazel. Smooooooth!

I have joined the legion of the bald! My 5 yr old finally lost his hair to the chemo treatments this last week, and was self conscious about it…so I shaved mine off Friday morning. Three of my buddies decided to as well, and my 5 yr old thinks it’s great :slight_smile:

I popped in to say my uncle swears by a fogless mirror. But I have vitiligo too so be sure to wear sunscreen every day! Imagine your dermo yelling at you :stuck_out_tongue: This spraygets the job done super quick.

Wait… Are we assuming that the OP isn’t a person who burns easily on other body parts? Because if he’s fair like I am, I don’t see him building up any resistence to scalp burning :frowning: I have hair and my head still burns along where my hair parts nearly every year.

That is just all kinds of awesome!

I’m going out after work to pick up a mirror. And I’ve been using spf30 so far, in a “scalp formulation”. This is fun!:smiley: