Help me convince my friend that American hard rock didn't die in 1990

Post 1990 rock that I think holds up for the “good old days” are gone set.

Cock Rock- Death From Above 1979 Your a Woman I’m a Machine

Japanese mind-fuckity Goodness that makes you go go “Holy Shit”- Boris any album will do, but Akuma No Uta and Amplifier Workshop are my faves.

All round guitary goodness- Eagles of Death Metal Peace Love Death Metal

Springsteen just out of rehab rock- The Hold Steady especially Seperation Sunday

Classic rock throwback- Kings of Leon Youth and Young Manhood

Spacey Guitars with hardly any of those silly words to get in the way- Mogwai especially Come On Die Young

Creepy Moody and yet somehow bombastic- A Place To Bury Strangers album of the same killer name

Itunes lovingly catagorizes as drug music- Suntan Send You Home

More cock rock- Witch Witch has a Sabbath vibe to me…but others might disagree, guitar wise at least

Chick with a throat bliistering howl that might not fit this category but worth a mention- Yeah Yeah Yeahs Forever To Tell

American hard rock meaning made by American’s or with that classic sound? Heck much of the hard rock of that era was made by Brit bands.

What about Wolfmother? Listen to Woman
or Supagroup? listen to Ready to Go.

Heck the **Foos **rock just fine, and the Aussie band **Jet **(along with Wolfmother) are great on their rockin’ tunes…


Okay, ignore the “American” part of the OP. I must have had an attack of patriotism.

Try some of these:

The Black Keys
The Cult
The Black Angels
Orange Goblin

If your friend is into progressive rock and hard rock maybe you should try another Tool song besides Aenima, like Stinkfist or Vicarious.

And he doesn’t like grunge? I’m dumbfounded as to exactly what constitutes Hard Rock to him if he doesn’t like grunge, all of which came about in the early 90’s.

if he might dig some of the sludgy, stoner-rock type metal, check out Electric Wizard.

or more schizoid, freaked out, Japanese noise-rock, try Mainliner, Fushitshusha, Acid Mothers Temple, or nearly any of the PSF bands.

Oh hey, Japanese got me thinking, if he doesn’t mind not understanding the words Thee Michelle Gun Elephant rock solidly.

I"m going to second this. I love me some Savatage. One of my personal favorites is Rage. I must have something for German metal as I like so much of it. He might like to check out Gamma Ray and Iron Saviour.

Exactly what I wanted to say. In Absentia and The Sky Moves Sideways are where I’d start if you want to convince someone that good music isn’t dead. (FWIW, I’m a big Genesis/Floyd fan myself.)

For a strong, relatively recent release by a rock dinosaur, I highly recommend 2003’s The Power to Believe by King Crimson.

If he likes Dream Theater then he’s got to listen to Rush - the last album Snakes & Arrows rocks and they still absolutely kick ass live.

I recommend this website: American or not, you can find tons of great AOR, hard rock and metal.

I shall recommend one of my personal favorite artists, Jeff Scott Soto. His new one (Beautiful Mess) is Lenny Kravitz meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers and is awesome.

Oh yeah - also have him check out the RHCP and Foo Fighters!

I came in to mention some of those very bands. I second Porcupine Tree and Spock’s Beard.

A month or so back there was a thread about incestuous band relationships. PT, DT, and SB are all part of an incestuous little family that includes OSI, Transatlantic, Fates Warning, Chroma Key, Gordian Knot and other bands.

In a more metal vein, check out Opeth. Steve Wilson, the man behind PT, produces some of their albums.

Airborne has a good song called (I think) - Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

Also Jet Set Satellite has a great song - Baby Cool Your Jets

Buck Cherry?

Maybe he should try some Avenged Sevenfold. Good hard rock with some prog elements. And as was mentioned before Rush did not stop making good music after 1990, they just continue to evolve. Quite a bit of their newer stuff has been quite heavy.

Another vote for Mastodon, especailly if he likes metallica.

The park named in its honor in Myrtle Beach, SC, died this week.

I see he likes the classic 80s thrash metal bands, so I’ll recommend a few newer bands playing thrash: Municipal Waste, Evil Army, Merciless Death, and Toxic Holocaust. The first three are among my favorites; the last I’m not personally into (mostly because I don’t care for the vocals), but a lot of thrash fans really dig them so I threw the recommendation in.

If he’s into metal generally, I’ll second the recommendations for some great stoner/doom metal bands upthread, Witch and Electric Wizard. Other good ones along similar lines include Kyuss (who are no longer around), Crowbar (rumored to be reuniting), Acid King, and The Gates of Slumber (whose new record, The Conqueror, is my favorite album of 2008).

Does your friend like any punk rock? Career Suicide, and Los Crudos are amazing hardcore bands who can stand up to any of the 80s hardcore classics. The latter are no longer around. On the more Ramones-ish end of the punk spectrum, The Marked Men and The High Tension wires play some good, basic, three chord punk rock, with great pop hooks. The Exploding Hearts put out one great punky power pop record, Guitar Romantic, in 2003, before a bus accident killed three band members; it’s one of the best pop rock albums ever.

One last recommendation for The Reigning Sound, fronted by Greg Cartwright (who’d previously played in bluesy garage punk bands The Compulsive Gamblers and The Oblivians, both of whom are worth checking out). Cartwright’s an outstanding songwriter; their first two albums, Time Bomb High School and Too Much Guitar sound like The Rolling Stones playing punk rock; their most recent, Break Up Break Down, has a strong country influence. One of my favorite bands; they also backed Mary Weiss of the Shangri-Las on the record she released last year.

In that case, definately Wolfmother. I can’t recommend them enough.

Nice recommendations Lexan, Electric Wizard rules! I need to check out the others too.