Help Me Find A Phone Number

OK, so Pepsi is giving away a bucket of cars. You get secret number under the pull tab of Pespi and send it by SMS to their phone number. The computer tells you if you win.

Here is a link to an article describing the contest.

OK, so how can I find the phone number?

It is late here, and although boosted by sugary colas, I must go to bed. If anyone can help me, I would be in your debt.

Unless I’m missing something really huge, I don’t find this particular contest mentioned on PepsiArabia’s website. Wouldn’t it be there?

Is that link only information you have on the contest, or is it something that’s going on actively where you are, and it just isn’t on the Internet?

Because if that article is the only thing you’ve got, I’m wondering whether it’s possibly a mistranslation of Pepsi’s original June 21 press release, or indeed if got hold of the wrong end of the stick altogether. They’re giving away a Chrysler Crossfire a day, for 60 days? That’s a big contest and a lot of cars. Other contests usually only give away a single grand prize of a car. a couple weeks earlier ran this story on Pepsi’s “Dare For More” campaign, which is mentioned on PepsiArabia’s website. Down at the bottom of that article I found this, FWIW:

Give Hill & Knowlton a call.

I’m not finding anything on Google for Pepsi giving away 60 Chrysler Crossfires, but maybe that’s just Google’s limitations.

I will drop the advertising guy a note right now. It is a big promotion, all across the region, one car a day. I have saved a bundle of pull-tabs and now want to cash them in.

It is odd they are being so coy about the phone number.

Thank you for the help.

the number is 5200

So far I have only won a mess of ring tones.