Hernia anyone?

As long as the thread’s still active:

Upthread in August, I mentioned the surgeon had decided I needed two separate, open hernia surgeries to fix mine. He declared a minimum 6 week recovery between procedures. The first was 8 weeks ago, the second was 2 weeks ago. I think the first went well, as I feel none of the bulges or pains from before. The second is still in the painful swollen stage, but it’s probably OK too. Based on last time, the swelling doesn’t really start going down until the 4th or 5th week, so we’ll see. Everything seems to be progressing exactly like last time, and I’m felling pretty good (no pain meds, not even ibuprofen).

The only unusual thing that happened was a lot of trouble “returning” from the second anesthesia. I’ve had 10 or so “put completely under” surgeries so far in my life, and never had a problem. But this time was days of confusion, large swaths of (still) missing memories, and frighteningly realistic hallucinations. The memory problems aren’t the kind where you later can recall with a few reminders, they’re completely gone, and the gaps are large. There are entire meals, lengthy discussions, and Netflix movies that happened 3-4 days after the surgery, and I have no memory of them. This is really disturbing, and I’m hoping this is my last time “going under”. It was only a few days ago we (wife and I) felt I was sufficiently recovered to drive.

Holy crap! Have you spoken to your doctor or surgeon about that? Sounds a bit worrisome to me.

This is not unusual when you have anesthesia twice in such a short time. It takes about a YEAR (some doctors say longer) for all the anesthetic to leave your body and the kind of symptoms you are having are very typical for two surgeries in a short time. Try not to have to be “put under” for a very long time if you can!

I have a followup appt with him next week. I plan to mention it then.

Thanks for the info. I had no idea the effects lingered like that. The recovery instructions given to me said I could drive once I stopped using the prescription pain relievers. I wonder if this is a good standard now.

This is embarrassing looking back on it, but I was so worried about the long term effects I gave myself a few logic tests once I felt better. I “assigned” myself a programming task in C++ just to prove I could still do it (I could). I also changed the locations of a few common but seldom used objects to test my memory a few days later. I think I passed, but who knows? Maybe I “hid” something and have forgotten about it. :roll_eyes:

Sorry to hear that you may be back where you started. Good luck on the 20th. Just remember to properly hydrate before the surgery!

I’ve had one as well for several years. It doesn’t hurt and I don’t really know when I got it. The only thing about it that bothers me is that it is a flaw in my otherwise perfect physique. :smiley:

I have the doctor check it out whenever I get a check up, but so far I haven’t had a reason to fix it. Although I may at some point.

I’ll definitely try to hydrate better this time! Did my pre-op checkup today and let’s just say I could’ve done a better job at chugging water for the past couple of days. Took them two tries to draw blood from me – ugh…

Well, had my operation today. The procedure was done under general anesthetic and I’m guessing the actual procedure was done in about an hour. Instead of laparoscopic surgery, this was done with a single incision that’s about 5 -6” long.

It turns out that the mesh from the first operation “slipped” so my hernia had popped out again. So, I’m back to not lifting anything heavier than 10 pounds for the next month and then seeing what’s allowed after that. I will say that, unlike the last operation, I can see and feel that the repair looks to be successful so far. No excess swelling in the abdominal and scrotal area, so that’s nice. Pain has been easily manageable, but I’ve popped a couple of pain pills today just to help out a bit. I may switch to regular acetaminophen tomorrow, but even that may not be necessary. If I had known that the “regular” inguinal hernia surgery would have gone like this, I probably would have gone this route from the get-go.

Still, I hope I don’t have to have this type of operation - or any other - anytime soon!

I am glad it went well Guy. Did you have any problems peeing afterwards?

My testicle pain has decreased by about 50%, both in terms of discomfort levels and frequency. But I updated my surgeon and he is concerned that I am getting close to my 3-month window after which the pain could become chronic. So I will be meeting an anesthesiologist on Monday to look into the possibility of injecting anesthesia into the compressed nerve area. The idea is that if my brain doesn’t perceive pain, it won’t become chronic.

I’m not terribly keen on having a needle stuck deep into my groin, but I don’t really want a chronic kick in the crotch feeling either…

Hi Orville!

I’m happy to report that there were no issues with peeing at all after the surgery. So far the post-op swelling is minimal, but I’m feeling some discomfort in the area of the incision, but I guess that’s to be expected. Took another pain pill a few minutes ago and put an ice pack on the area, so I’m sure that’ll help things in a little bit.

Sorry to hear that the testicular pain is still an issue for you. I couldn’t help but cringe when you mentioned having a needle being jabbed into your groin area. Even though it might ultimately bring you relief for the pain, it doesn’t sound like a picnic to me. Maybe they can give you a small injection of lidocaine near the injection site to lessen the pain for the main injection? No matter what, I’m hoping you get good results.

Hang in there!

Thanks Guy.

Pun intended? Hanging is actually the problem! :sweat_smile:

Totally unintended, but I’ll take credit for it anyway.

Heh - one of the first remarks my wife made after she saw the results of my surgery was “Honey! Your balls are back!”

I’ve gotta say that it’s nice that I’m no longer lugging around an Everlast speed bag between my legs anymore!