Heroin addiction

I would assume it’s just not the hospitals job to try to “cure” drug addiction. Seems like taking on a bunch of new problems that they aren’t properly equipped for.

Though, while on the topic of drug addiction treatment that’s being conveniently ignored. There is also Ibogaine, which you apparently take once, have an intense trip, wake up, and never want to use again. I don’t know much about it, I just heard a story on This American Life.

Like most miracle cures, Ibogaine has not yet lived up to its early hype. The rather striking number of deaths which occurred while research subjects were on it has rather discouraged a number of researchers from doing further trials. Concerns about a possible rate of 1 death per 300 people treated with it will tend to do that.

I hope further research defines its effectiveness and safety more clearly so it may join other modalities like buprenorphine, naltrexone, and other adjuncts as a useful tool in the toolbox for recovery from opiate addiction.

That’s not a given - back when I worked at the clinic I knew a LOT of people who found it easier to give up heroin than cigarettes. Yes, really. Arguably, nicotine is even more addicting than the opiates, the big difference is that it is LEGAL. That’s it.

That’s why giving up cigarettes is so damn hard - it’s an addiction every bit as real as doing cocaine or heroin.

You can’t say the urge to use is greater for one drug than another. It depends on the particular addict and probably a bunch of other factors that aren’t completely understood.

I’ve been addicted to opiates and to nicotine. While nicotine was harder to give up, opiates were much more painful to give up. Nicotine cravings were much more subtle and persistent over time. I’ve been opiate-free for over 20 years and nicotine free for over 14. And I still get nicotine cravings at times. But the opiate cravings are pretty much gone.

I’m just grateful I’ve never had to deal with either addiction.

BTW - after 60 years of smoking and over a dozen attempts to quit, my dad’s been off cigarettes for about 3 months and counting. It’s the longest he’s been “clean” and I’m proud of him for it.

Is he going to stay off them? Damifino. Without mom sitting next to him still puffing away he might actually stay off them this time.

From what I’ve heard from addiction medicine people, the withdrawal is the easy part… it’s the months and years after that that is the struggle.

False, there are a number of support groups that deal with addiction(including opiate addiction) as successfully or better then Narconon, SMART being the front runner.

That doesn’t work for a few reasons, yes it would help the person get through the first few days of withdrawals but for me they can last from 2 weeks to a month. Also just getting through a few days of kickin the habit doesn’t cure addiction. Addiction is a disease of the mind. People who are addicts have what they call the phenomenon of craving and the phenomenon of obsession so even if we haven’t done any drugs for a long time we still will get cravings and obsess about them so recovery/sobriety is a full time thing just like addiction is. If there was a cure then we wouldn’t have any addicts

If that’s the case then what about being under for 5 days, with dialysis for extra measure, and then hypnosis or other therapy?

I read about Vietnam vets who were addicts over there and kicked the habit when returning, but felt a strong impulse to use when visiting again, so I appreciate addiction to heroin isn’t a simple subject with a simple solution. The question is to find out why it wouldn’t work.

it might break the physical aspect of addiction but that is debatable. The societal, emotional, and spiritual components would remain a powerful draw back to the life.


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The attraction to go back on heroin is huge especially if you are otherwise clean. I had a brief period in my teens where I used heroin. I got away from the people and the heroin and don’t rememeber is as being any big deal. But at that time I was drinking heavy and using other drugs. At 40 yeras old I had quit drinking and using. By accident I ingested a ball of black tar heroin. For the next year every weekend I would fantasize about buying some and just parting for that weekend. It finaly passed but I was really caught off guard by how pwerful the urge had become once I became clean. I know quite a few x addicts who now are addicted to combos of drugs and alcohol. Soma and codiene are a popular substitute. I would much rather see them on heroin.

Huh? You accidentally did a ball of black tar heroin? How did that happen, exactly? If you were clean, why did you even have a ball of heroin?

Look, it was a really hardcore game of BaseTarHerionBall, OK?

Yeah…I was wondering the same thing. Or if clean be in the vicinity of it.

Well since no one actually answered the zombie, 5 days would only cover the most severe withdrawal symptoms. Then you have months or years of

To look forward to, not to mention dealing with the usual drudgery of life off drugs which the addict may have never even learned to do. Add in pre-existing mental problems or depression and it becomes clear withdrawal is the easy part, staying off now that is hard.

This is the first time I have EVER signed up to post on a thread of any kind and was browsing topics. All I can say is EDUCATE yourself on addiction before asking such an absurd question. It would have taken less time and been much more beneficial to do research on addiction.

*Addictction is a NOT a choice. Using any illicit drug the first time is a choice but becoming an addict is NOT. No one chooses to be an addict no more than anyone chooses to have depression. Addiction is a Neurobiological disease. It’s not a moral, character, behavioral or spiritual defect or a voluntary lifestyle. Heroin is an opiate that affects the opioid receptors throughout the body AND brain. Addiction is not about the lack of willpower or strength and is generally a lifetime battle.

Recovering addicts are some of the strongest people that walk this earth. If you are in recovery and have been clean for 1 day, months or years…keep up the great work!! Addicts DO recover!!

I have a friend who was addicted to heroin and he went to a really good rehab and when he finished he said he never has drug cravings anymore. He didn’t think that was possible and was really happy. :slight_smile:

Let me know if anyone wants the name of it.

Right, because people who are emotionally healthy don’t start shooting drugs. The drugs provide temporary relief for users in emotional pain. Getting someone through withdrawal doesn’t necessarily “putting them out” for several days, but hospitalization for a period of time is a good idea and seems pretty standard. Once the withdrawal is over, though, the addict has to deal with whatever emotional issues they have. Also, they might be self-medicating physical pain. Then they have to deal with the pain or get addicted to another opiate because it’s really unlikely that another type of medication will provide them with similar relief. An addict with pain issues basically has to deal with them.

I had a serious eating disorder for about ten years. Not exactly an addiction, but similar in many ways including the fact that it generally starts as a means of reducing pain of some kind. Depression and anxiety are common, as are a variety of fucked up family situations and sexual abuse. For me, getting to a healthy weight and relearning normal eating seemed really hard at the time, but it really was a cakewalk due to the years of work left to do after that. We develop these self-destructive behaviors because they’re doing something for us. If they didn’t do something for us (by our estimation), we would stop, or at least have no problem stopping once any physical element of addiction (or similar) was dealt with.