Hey Eutychus55 that aint cool

Why did you remove my {note: Another reference deleted-Lynn} url? It wasnt hurting any one. actualy racing is quite an intresting Sport. Giants will win the Superbowl. Have a good one.

[Edited by Lynn Bodoni on 01-27-2001 at 10:34 PM]

I have a very strong feeling that this doesn’t belong here… Try the pit, or MPSIMS.

Wanna know what else “aint cool”?

  1. Using the SDMB for unauthorized advertising of commercial products.

  2. Posting this complaint in the wrong forum.

  3. You, for doing these first two things.

(Una, a Ford owner herself)

My prognostication: Captain Ford will be banned soon.

Have a good one, asshole.

(Getting this in before manny closes this puppy like a cheap suitcase.)

Sheesh, this guy even makes me look cool. Whadda jerk.


Properly, this belongs in the Pit, however, I’m leaving it here in case Captain Ford actually looks for an answer.

Captain Ford, do you intend to post anything on the Straight Dope Message boards OTHER than a link to a commercial site? If you do, then have at it, and put the posts in the correct forums. If you don’t intend to post anything but links to that site, please leave NOW, and save yourself and the staff time and aggravation.

For the Straight Dope

Hmmmm… Civics rule!!!
And so does the SDMB…

but not commercials.

waiting for Captain Ford to fall into a deep Pit, or something

Y’know, I almost feel bad (not!!) for ratting you out, because your site looks cool and if I had found it through normal i.e. not spamming of noncommercial boards, I would have bookmarked it, gone there and most likely have bought stuff from you!

I am in the process of saving to build a Shelby Cobra replica (289) and I am always looking for Ford parts. Sorry but you lost a customer just now.

Perhaps you should print this out as a reminder of how not to market your services. It may seem like free advertising to you but it will definitely cost you in the long term.

Here is probably the only way you can salvage this whole experience:

  1. Stop posting your url.
  2. do periodic searches on Ford, etc. and give GOOD, accurate, helpful advice.
  3. apologize to the mods. ( an email should suffice if you mean it)
  4. If you become known as a “go to guy” re: Ford stuff, you can try to sell youself when people solicit it from you.
    [sub](And we know that having your customers prequalify themselves as interested and willing beforehand is a Good Thing)[/sub]
  5. If you do not have the energy or willingness to do it this way, then leave and spam the commercial sites.

But thats my opinion.I could be wrong.