Hey MeanOldLady!

Any of y’all ever have one bite your finger? Not a great way to wake up.

I saw it! I thought he must have made his own way out. Then today when I came home from work, I opened the storage closet and saw a little fuzzy streak dash into the panel on the wall that was open a little bit.

Looks like I’ll have to make the bucket trap!

Bastard! I know exactly the feeling. I was ready to sleep in my own apartment at last, and resume life as a normal, not crazy person, then I switched on the light in my kitchen and AHHHHH!!! There it was again! Just when you think the little asshole has moved along, it sneaks back up on you. Time for the bucket trap indeed!

Every winter a few mice try to sneak in to seek refuge from the cold. Last winter I saw one of the little furballs out of the corner of my eye, and was about to open the door to the small animal playpen only a couple feet away. Then I remembered I no longer own mice-hunting ferrets - I own rabbits. And rabbits would not be likely to be fierce hunters. Maybe if I managed to convince them the mice were after their hay and carrots?

Floatie, there is little chance it is only ONE mouse. :frowning:

good luck!

I’ll take a picture if I catch the little fuzzball.

. . . what say I bring over a fifth of fine bourbon and I can help you with this . . .

When I eight years old, I stayed for a while at my grandparents’ house. In my bedroom lived a mouse. She used to run around at night in the room, sometimes I’d feel this little furry thing rub against my bare feet. I didn’t tell anyone because I knew that something bad would happen if I told.

Some time later, she had a litter of tiny little wormlike creatures. I looked at them, but didn’t touch them, and the mother didn’t seem to mind. I brought her tidbits from my meals and a bit of water. Children don’t worry about details like mouse turds, so I never noticed any. One day, she disappeared with her little ones. Heartbreak. I couldn’t even inquire about what had happened, and nobody ever mentioned it.

That’s a lovely story. :slight_smile:

I’m still like that now actually. Upon seeing the mouse, my first instinct was to put down some bread and water for it.

Then about an hour or so later I thought that maybe he’d bring his friends so I took it away. I’ll just catch him humanely myself and let him go in the park across the street rather than let the building manager deal with it because they’d just kill him.