Hey! There's this thing I really really really love [tell me yours]

I got an umbrella “with purchase” with a swan handle from Gloria Vanderbilt like this one:


It’s from the 60s, so I’ve had it a loooooooooong time. It’s not really worth anything. The most I’ve seen it selling for is about $40-$50. But I love it even though the fabric is faded and discolored, and the little plastic tips on the ends of the spokes are always coming loose and needing to be sewn back own. I’d miss it for sure.

About 30 years ago I took it to a hockey game. When the game was over I’d forgotten about it and left it at our seats. I was heartbroken when we got outside and getting rained on reminded me. I was starting to moan when I saw this guy I recognized from our row, and he was carrying my umbrella! I ran over and just told him “That’s my umbrella.” He immediately gave it to me (don’t blame him for using it), 'cause I think he was a little embarrassed carrying such a girly umbrella.

And I still have it!

Realized last night that this battered handful of books is what I’d actually most hate to lose.
Oh! and my Narnia box set with the books in publication order!

I have a jacket. I call it my ‘40-60’ jacket because it works best in that temperature range. It’s an old, nondescript, brownish London Fog that I bought from somewhere sometime ago–I really can’t remember when, but it’s been quite awhile. It’s not perfect (sleeves are too long for one), yet for me it is the perfect jacket and I wear it whenever I can, even if the temperature is just above freezing or into the 70’s. I don’t know why, it just is something that ‘fits’ me, and I will keep it until it (or I) finally fall apart.

When my parents were killed, I decided I would wear my mother’s wedding ring for the rest of my life on the ring finger of my right hand. My brother wears my dad’s. It means more to me than anything else I have. A thief would have to kill me because I would never give it up.

Side note: I’ve had a couple of guys ask me if I was divorced. I’d ask why. “You have your wedding ring on your right hand instead of your left.” Really?! How many people think that divorced women actually continue to wear their wedding rings? LOL

I have all of the horse books I bought or were given as gifts when I was a kid. I have all of the Marguerite Henry (most hardbound). Also, each and every horse-related book that was offered in the Scholastica book sales flyers that were handed out in school. I think there was another company that sold books like that too. They’re all in a box in my basement. I could never sell them, but I feel bad that they’re just packed away.

I wish I could find another penis salt shaker…

And a matching brown one for pepper.

(I have a couple bawdy remarks I could add, but I’ll let everyone else have a chance.)

I’m sure it gives you an air of debonair mystery!