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I’m actually pretty happy to have the delivery services leave things at my door. I had a package go missing a few weeks ago, but it was only worth $15, and I was afraid that if I complained they’d start requiring a signature, so I just wrote it off as not worth the hassle.

This is why I’m not fond of UPS. What they would do here was leave things at the corner store. The first time it happened I went over and apologized. The owner laughed and said that he felt like an unofficial post office for the neighborhood but that he didn’t really mind. Unfortunately, the shop burned down in February. What I do now, is get any UPS packages delivered to my office.

I prefer using the U.S. Mail. They’ll leave a notice in my mail that I have a package and I can stop by the post office to get it when it is convenient.


A few years back, I had UPS deliver something to me, from Boston to Boston. Except they didn’t. They delivered it to some guy’s office, in Foxboro Stadium, some 30 miles away. This was to someone I’ve never met, at an address I’ve never been to. I called UPS every day for two weeks to try to straighten it out, and every day they promised me that they had resolved the issue.

As an alternative delivery method, they offered that I could run up to their distribution center, some 30 miles in the opposite direction, and pick it up there. They assured me that it was sitting right there, physically, under their watchful eyes. They could actually see it right there in the office.

Fucking lying liars. Once it was delivered to Foxboro Stadium, they considered it delivered. It sat in that guy’s office the entire time. They did not give a shit about resolving the problem.

By the sheerest coincidence, the guy they delivered it to just so happened to live three doors down from me. He looked me up in the phone book, called me, and walked it over himself.

Be certain that they DO NOT care. Neither does FEDEX or DHL…

The rolleyes is because I was expecting the gift card to be in a regular envelope. You know, gift card size. I mean, it’s great that VS wants to spiff it up with a pink glittery folder and catalogs, but had I known that, I would have had them ship to my work address.
And you’re right, I didn’t lose my package. But I could have. That’s what I’m irritated about. The fact that it’s a gift card and not insulin? Anyone can use the gift card. Not everyone can use the insulin. But great argument!

I’m entitled to expect a package meant for me to be delivered to me. Not a random stranger. Period.

It doesn’t make sense for them to reprimand drivers for not delivering a package right away when they clearly state they will make 3 attempts to get it to the recipient. If a driver was stopping at one place 5 times for the same package, that’s one thing. They should change the policy to one attempt or two if UPS wants its drivers to spend less time trying to deliver.
Of course, just because it doesn’t make sense, doesn’t mean that’s not the case.

Situations like this are exactly why I have everything shipped to my office.

Even having things delivered to the office is not a perfect solution.

I recently had a problem with UPS. The driver was running late, and decided to leave a package addressed to my business with a neighbor. Who wasn’t home. They just left it on their doorstep. However the package contained controlled drugs that require an adult’s signature for delivery.

I called UPS to complain and they said it was no big deal. So, I called my local DEA office to run it by them. They said it was indeed a very big deal. They took the UPS info on who I spoke with.

The next day a regional representative for UPS called to set up a meeting. During that meeting he apologized profusely for “the misunderstanding”.

I’d be happy if they merely drop it. A DHL delivery person came to our house a few days ago, came up to maybe 15 ft from the front door, and just threw the box at the door.

We also recently had two boxes left in front of our door by UPS - addressed to the house next door. The next day there were two boxes left next door, addressed to us.

I had a similar experience with FedEx; I was due to receive a package in Memphis from my sister in New Hampshire, and instead received a package from a sender in Natick, Massachusetts intended for a recipient in Georgia. When I called customer service, they tried to blame it on my sister. Cute.

To their credit, they did eventually get me my package. Not to their credit: they charged my sister for Saturday delivery of a package that was supposed to be delivered on Thursday, told her they weren’t going to charge her anything for, and was too late to be useful anyway.

Hmm… you know what the real problem is. UPS (and the other couriers) don’t care about the recipients at all. Honestly, recipients aren’t customers, they didn’t pay for the delivery, and if their shipment goes wrong UPS doesn’t owe them a thing.
Really, the next time something goes wrong with your delivery, call the sender, not UPS.

HA! U.S. Mail! They will charge you for “Delivery Confirmation”, which it turns out can only confirm it reached the post office (personal experience.)

UPS has done some weird stuff too, but it boils down the the carriers. Some (maybe most) are fairly considerate, others just want to get the crap out of their vehicle so they can go the hell home.

So whatcha gonna get? :slight_smile:

When I lived in a house the worst thing left at my door by a courier service was a loose diamond. I think it was fedex. It required a direct signature but since the SO was not home they left it on the porch. Nice for him to come home to an expensive shipping screwup. Either way it was insured but it was surprising. We soon got over it as they almost always leave things at the door without an attempt to deliver slip. I’ve even had to intercept trucks to get my items for work trips that we needed. And they explain they are new to the route etc etc. Anyhow since I receive a lot of things by ups/fedex I go out of my way to make sure the driver knows the code to get into my building and onto my floor. Now that I live in a secure building I’m not too worried about things being left on the door since my neighbors are senior citizens and theft I hope won’t occur. I guess its the nature of shipping either with fedex and ups.

Maybe I’m misreading you, here, but it sounds like you’re saying that UPS only has a responsibility to pick up packages, and no responsibility to make sure they get where they’re supposed to go. I’m no expert on the subject, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how you’re supposed to run a courier service.

No, what I’m saying is if UPS gets their money, takes the package, and then promptly throws it off a bridge; what incentive to they have to rectify a complaint of the intended recipient? If they fail in their duty, they don’t owe the recipient anything. They’ll owe the sender the cost of shipping, and the insured value of the package if they lost it. I’m not saying it’s right, but do really you expect UPS to spend countless hours trying to solve the problems of people who are not their customers and they have no liability to?

It means you’re a dick.

Glad to help.

I should qualify. You’re not necessarialy always a dick, just in this instance you’re actimg dickishly.

Yes. Because that’s their job. Of course they have responsibility to the recipient. It’s their promise. It’s the whole point of their operation.

Well, if they suck enough, they’ll go out of business. But all of UPS’s promises and responsibilities are to the sender. You may not like it, and it might be wrong, but recipients are nothing in the eyes of UPS. Deal with it.